Upping your underwear game with Tani USA

The finest line in men’s sustainable, luxury underwear and under garments.

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This article was published on April 23rd, 2018

Dear Hanes-owning, Fruit of the Loom-wearing guys and dudes: it is time to step up your draws game and get some real underwear added to your collection. There are many under garment companies out there that it might be hard to choose just one. Tani USA is stepping up to meet not only meet the challenge, but come out on top to knock out all other men’s underwear companies. Gentleman: Tani USA underwear is the ultimate and best undies company ready to help you up your underwear game.

Upping your underwear game with Tani USA

Upping your underwear game with Tani USAMore than just your average, basic underwear company, Tani USA is raising the bar to all new levels with comfort, luxury, quality, and durability. Tani has many collections of stylish, luxury men’s underwear, at an affordable price. From the SilkCut hip brief and other underwear unique to only Tani featured in their exclusive SilkCut line, to the free form of their contour trunk, there is style to fit every occasion and personality/preference. They will make you feel sexy in their multitude of sizes, styles, shapes, and selection.

Tani is a luxury men’s brand, without the absurd luxury brand prices. Tani is one of the few clothing brands on the market aiming for total sustainability. Their products are made from raw materials that are completely biodegradable—a huge concern for environmentalists aware of the problem of non-biodegradable clothing clogging landfills across the planet. Tani uses only supplies who meet their high standards of respect, accountability, and values while treating their employees with the same diligence of respect.

Tani uses patented and unique fabrics that whisk away moisture, don’t lose their shape over time, holding their color and lasting a lifetime. Their original Micro Modal Air, Cupro, Micro Tencel, Swiss Cotton, Roica CF, and Superfine fabrics are all owned and manufactured exclusively by Tani to provide customers and wearers the finest fabrics unique to only Tani. They source raw, unique material from around the globe to guarantee the softest yet most durable underwear and under garments on the market.

Upping your underwear game with Tani USA

Lighter than silk, softer than silk, but more durable, Tani produces only the finest fitting clothing to provide the best possible light weight underwear available. Their natural wicking fabric is thinner and provides wearers with the coolest and driest underwear possible. Tani underwear is flexible, yet completely resilient to last through whatever situation the wearer undertakes.

If you’ve been looking to freshen up your underwear draw with some changes but didn’t know where to start or which company to invest in, look no further than Tani USA. There’s a little something for everyone and you’ll find that Tani men’s underwear are more than just upping your underwear game: purchasing Tani products is an investment on top of being the best undies on the market.

Up your underwear game. Shop now for Tani USA underwear and under garments.

Upping your underwear game with Tani USA

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