5 reasons why you shouldn’t be a size queen

The question is seemingly simple, but actually, a very tricky one. Does size matter?

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This article was published on April 24th, 2018

There’s the question that many scientists want to answer – what came first, the chicken or the egg? However, there’s another question that has troubled humanity since even before; the question that many wars were fought over, many friendships and relationships ruined. The question is seemingly simple, but actually, a very tricky one. Does size matter? Some will tell you yes, others will tell you no, but the chances of having a 100% agreement with all the people in the room on this question are inexistent. So, does size really matter? Take a look and decide for yourself, as we note the five reasons why you shouldn’t be a size queen, ergo, not care about the size:

Don’t judge a penis by its cover

Even though the orgasms that big, thick penises provide are stronger and more intense, this doesn’t always have to be the case. You know what they say – a small penis can also do wonders. Yes, it does seem weird to read these words, but let’s be honest. What if you meet a guy with thick meat who doesn’t even know what he’s doing? That’s probably the worst – you were born with a rare and valuable gift and you’re taking it for granted? According to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, only 15% of people have penises larger than 7 inches – so trying to find the perfect guy for you who on top of everything else you’re looking for is well-hung is like trying to find a good 2010’s Britney Spears track. Not an easy task.

It will make you a better person

Will it, though? Just because of the fact that you like big things inside of you makes you a bad person? Well, not really, but if you’re looking for big penises only, you’re objectifying them, which is something that you wouldn’t want others to do to you. However, you shouldn’t run away from a hypothetical decision of your partner to enlarge his penis if he wishes to. This is where you have to be supportive (and also secretly very happy) and help him research penis enlargement methods that you will both benefit from. Moreover, guys with small penises can grow a certain form of depression or shame and it’s our job to let them know it’s not their fault. We all have flaws; theirs is just a visible one.

It’s about the way he makes you feel

Let’s be a bit romantic now for a change. Many guys with big penises don’t even know what they’re doing, probably owing to the fact that they’re so full of themselves and they think that a big dick is going to do the job by itself. Well, guess what well hung guys who don’t do anything because you think that a big dick is going to do the job by itself? It won’t! Dudes that are not so well endowed can prove to be better lovers; kinder, more sensual, and they will indeed try more when the sex is concerned, as they will want to make you realize that size isn’t everything. And those are the true heroes. After all, you don’t only wish for cut or uncut penises, as you know both are good in their own ways. Well, it’s the same with size.

Better blowjobs

Big dicks mean big penetration problems, while small dicks can mean better blowjobs. No matter how good at giving blowjobs you are, it’s always very difficult to do when faced with a big one. How much can you handle without getting a gag reflex? It’s definitely not sexy, and that is why smaller dicks are so much fun. You can do whatever you want with them without having to gag at all. Moreover, there are many instances of people who got joint dysfunction while performing a blowjob, which is something that can never happen with a smaller penis. Unless it’s super thick, of course. However, using stealth can kill two birds with one cock – it will enhance the bulge and penis size, while still remain very much blowjobable.

Big penises = more problems

You may think that massive penises are pretty – they indeed are, that’s a fact. But are they practical? First of all, let’s focus on the gross fact that their penises touch the toilet water when they’re sitting on the seat. And you want that in yourself? Moreover, finding condoms that fit is a daunting experience – so risk your life while having unprotected sex only because you wanted a gorilla? Finally, the penetration can be a bit of a problem. There are not many people who can accept the size of the whole 8 or 9 inches, and you know how unsatisfying it is for a guy to just put the tip inside.

Even though you shouldn’t run from big penises, being a size queen and only thinking about that is very juvenile and totally not ok. Not because you will come off as a selfish and shallow person, but because you need a good lover, not a good dick. Think about it.

5 reasons why you shouldn't be a size queen

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