4 reasons why you need to get a manicure / pedicure right now

Take a good look at your hands and feet. They could probably use a good mani and pedi, right?

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This article was published on April 28th, 2018

How we treat our bodies and the way we look is often an indication of the way we live. Though you mightn’t think about it, the most exposed body part is the hands. And just because we often hide them in socks and shoes, are feet are also an important part of the body to keep in check. Here are four reasons why every gay man needs to pay more attention to their hands and feet, and the great benefits of getting a manicure / pedicure.

First, the appeal factor. Having nice maintained hands and feet aren’t a sign of being froo froo or effeminate—they are indicative of your decision to take care of yourself. Think about how many times a day you show off your hands to people, whether it by paying for your groceries, getting handed a parking pass, handing someone money, or just simply shaking hands. During the summer months, our feet are on display just as much as our hands are. So, keeping flawlessly maintained hands and feet provide aesthetic appeal to anyone who views them, including yourself.

The de-stressing factor. If you’ve never gotten either done before, you’ll soon realize that getting a mani/pedi is a great de-stressor due to the fact that the specialist will massage your tootsies and hands during the process. Though you mightn’t you need your hands and feet massaged, these two parts of our bodies are actually the most used of any. So, don’t they deserve a little TLC, too?

The hand/foot health factor. Did you know that large health issues can be preemptively realized from having a good manicure or pedicure? Hands and feet are bastions for bacteria and problems arising in our hands and feet can be indicators of larger health issues? Clean, disease free hands and feet can help promote good health whereas dirty, unmaintained feet can lead to health issues down the road. A good mani/ pedi will be able to attack foot/hand problems before they become major issues.

The circulation factor. Proper blood circulation helps relieve aches and pains, reduces stress, and improves overall health. During most manicures/pedicures, you are going to receive a fair bit of massaging of your lower legs, hands, fingers, feet, and toes. The out-stretching done by the professional manicurist/ pedicurist and rubdown is great for improving overall blood circulation. Massaging your outermost extremities helps reduce stress and increase blood flow to all areas of the body, improving your general health.

Take a good look at your hands and feet. They could probably use a good mani and pedi, right? While your first couple of sessions may take a bit of extra work, regular maintenance will allow you be able to make express appointments, so you always look on point. Similar to a hair stylist, the key is to find an aesthetician that you like.

4 reasons why you need to get a manicure / pedicure right now

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One thought on “4 reasons why you need to get a manicure / pedicure right now

  1. Victoria Addington

    My friends and I will be spending our weekend at a spa. I noticed that I tend to forget taking care of my foot because of its cracked heels, which is why I’d like to get some pedicures. I agree with what you said about getting a mani or pedi can detect foot and hand problems early, before it can lead to diseases. Besides, they offer massage services along with it too, which can help in proper blood circulation.