May Masturbation Month: The month of self-pleasure.

Tips, trips, and techniques for making May masturbation month mischievious.

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This article was published on May 2nd, 2018

Hey, hey! It’s May! Time to celebrate the spring, life, love, and sex—even if only by yourself. May is masturbation month, which is a great time to get re-in touch with yourself by playing with yourself! Here are some tips, trips, and techniques for making May masturbation month mischievous.

May Masturbation Month: The month of self-pleasure.

This May, get back to the basics and begin re-imagining the capabilities of orgasm through self-pleasure. In reality, the more you learn about your body, the better you’ll know exactly what gets you off. This will help when having sex with a partner, in the long run, to know the parts of your body and activities that really get you going. Do your research and learn about the male g-spot, about edging, toys, positions and more. Achieving the perfect orgasm is often about knowing what exactly turns you on and why.

Cody Cummings: the rise, fall, and legacy of a bisexual porn star

You can start off the month with a bang by banging yourself with any plethora of available toys and goodies available from brands like Fleshjack. Try the Cody Cummings dildo if you’re looking for some anal stimulation. Want the best hand job/ blow job sensation of your life? Try one of the many amazing products from Fleshjack.

Cody Cummings: the rise, fall, and legacy of a bisexual porn star

Or think outside the box. Stop watching the same old porn and jacking off on your couch. Move locations to your kitchen or bathroom. Put the porn on if you don’t often watch or put the porn away if you feel a need to watch it in order to get off. Men are visual creatures, meaning visual aids do aid in achieving a proper climax. But our memories and fantasies don’t often need a computer screen or TV when the visions of hot man on man sex are still in our heads. Try switching hands, using a toy, or trying something new: you may be surprised to find out you thoroughly enjoy something you didn’t previously realize.

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Add some kink to your life. You may think you are the most-raunchy whore or conservative vanilla milk shake on the block. But there is more likely the chance that you have a hidden kink or two you haven’t discovered. Try restraints. Water sports. Putting a blind fold on. Adding some hot candle wax. Jerk off with a condom. Explore chastity. Videoing yourself getting off, even if you don’t send it to anyone.

Finally, realize your acts that get you off, and own them. This May and change into spring means you can achieve your fullest potential of masturbation. Don’t be afraid to treat your body like the sexual temple it is, waiting to be explored. Accept your wants and desires and run with them! May is masturbation month. Go treat yourself to a little sexual healing.

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