5 ways get your body ready for a summer gaycation

Doing these 5 things will have your body ready for summer in no time!

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This article was published on May 12th, 2018

It seems like we just put our winter jackets in the closet and started the spring walks through the park, but the summer is knocking on our door. And unless we’ve already started preparing our body to be super hot for the upcoming summer season, we are definitely a bit nervous whether we will achieve everything we planned or not. Ok, so this is the situation: you have a gaycation planned, you want to make out with as many guys as you can, but you still have that funny winter belly fat that doesn’t want to go away and you don’t know what to do. Of course, you can spend days wrapped in foil dancing to the new single by Ariana Grande and burn those calories, but there definitely are better ways to get your body ready for a summer gaycation. Take a look, it’s not difficult.

1. Make a plan

The most important thing is to be organized, hence, making a plan should be the first thing you need to do. Make a plan of everything you want to achieve and by when, and write down all the things you will have to give up on, or take on in order to own the sexy summer body you want. However, it’s very important to be realistic, as getting your body in perfect order is definitely not an easy task. Also, calculate approximately how many times a week you would like to work out and for how long, as this will help you organize the exercises a bit better.

5 ways get your body ready for a summer gaycation

2. Find a personal trainer

OK, this might be a double-edged sword, especially if you’re taken and you find a drop dead gorgeous personal trainer. So, either choose a female personal trainer or someone who’s not your type, because you really need to stay focused. But bearing in mind you’re going on a gaycation, let’s assume you’re single. Nevertheless, stay away from the hot ones – don’t mix work and pleasure. Anyhow, make sure to have the right fitness equipment, which is, believe it or not, crucial for your workouts, and have the trainer or an experienced fitness buddy explain what the things you need to do are. Maybe you need a bit of mentoring – there’s nothing to lose, only gain.

The transition of the rainbow in the gay community

3. Mind the food you eat

Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym, which means that you definitely need to cut down on the junk food you’ve been eating. However, pay attention as you cannot only go to a calorie restrictive diet; you need to build your body with proteins, fats and carbs. You can always visit a nutritionist who will tell you exactly what you should be eating, or you could just consult your personal trainer and he will probably tell you what kind of diet you have to be on. In addition to that, you can turn to super foods that will definitely enhance your performance and help you achieve the results in a faster way.

5 ways get your body ready for a summer gaycation

4. Consider supplements

Supplements will boost your productivity and performance and help you reach your goals faster. The most important thing to own if you choose to follow this path is quality protein powder that you will drink every time after you workout. It will be one of your main assets for pursuing the Greek God body, so make sure to choose products with minimum of calories and sugars. As for all the other supplements, it would be better to consult your personal trainer or anyone at the gym and they will tell you what you should take and when to drink it. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

5 ways get your body ready for a summer gaycation

5. Relax and reward yourself

Yes, relaxation is equally important, as those muscles cannot work 24/7. So, after each workout, reward yourself with some form of relaxation. It could either be a visit to the local swimming pool or to a sauna. Moreover, after each workout you will feel so good and confident that you might even land a phone number of a hot guy you see there. Who knows?

5 ways get your body ready for a summer gaycation

And that’s it! It does sound like a nightmare, but it should be an interesting and unique experience that will result with you having a sexy body ready for a summer gaycation. Good luck, good work out, and have fun while having those guns kissed by hot gays!


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