A definitive guide to finding the perfect cologne

10 tips for finding the right cologne for you.

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Of all the senses, the sense of smell can be the most important of all—especially when it comes to romance and relationships. The way someone smells can make or break how they are perceived by people. Having a signature scent isn’t just smart, it’s an art. But colognes smell differently on each person—so, how do you know which perfume is right for you? Take a seat and learn a little about fragrances for men at Smell University. Smell U: a definitive guide to finding the perfect cologne that’s right for you!

  1. Your signature smell should make a statement about you. Think about what you want that statement to be. Brash and smoky? Light and airy? Strong and woodsy? It all depends on who you are and what you’re looking for in a scent.
  2. Cologne reacts to your body’s chemistry and oils differently than on anyone else due to our natural scent. Cologne doesn’t get sprayed onto your clothing, but on directly on your skin. Your neck and inner wrists are a great place to give a few squirts.
  3. Finding the right cologne means finding the scent that meshes well with your natural smell. This can often mean a trial and error of going through a few different scents to find the perfect match. You’ll realize, after a few wears, which scents blend with your body chemistry and which do not.
  4. Try scents you already like and use for soaps and other items around the house, like lemongrass or sandalwood.
  5. Bring a friend or partner with you. A second opinion is always good when it comes to perfecting your scent. It helps to have a different perspective when choosing the right scent for you.
  6. Choose a scent you love. You’re going to be the main one smelling you every day. So, make sure the cologne you choose is one you can’t get enough of.
  7. In terms of price: cheaper is never better. But most expensive isn’t always going to be right, either.
  8. Layer the fragrance you choose with the complete line-up of products for male grooming from the same fragrance scent line-up: body wash, soap, shampoo, and deodorant, to get a long-lasting, deep effect.
  9. There are parfumes and then there is eau de toilette. Parfumes are concentrated scents and are applied sparingly by adding a drop of the liquid directly to the skin. Eau de toilettes are a diluted fragrance and typically come in a spray application for applying to the skin.
  10. You don’t have to settle for just one cologne. There are summer and winter scents. Every day fragrances and formal wear event colognes. So, if you’re having a hard time deciding between a few, choose them both and wear whatever fragrance suits you the best that day.

Cologne shouldn’t just be reserved for special occasions. They can be used to help bolster your presence and make a statement. Keep in mind, some people have heightened sensitive’s or allergies to scents, and not to over-apply. You also don’t want to put on so much that you smell like a cheap hooker.

What is your favorite scent of cologne? Leave your top picks of colognes in the comments section below.

A definitive guide to finding the perfect cologne

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