10 wine tour tips for beginners

Follow this sage advice to make the most out of your wine-venture!

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This article was published on May 26th, 2018

10 wine tour tips for beginnersWine has been a libation for centuries: having enriched the lives and events of those who have enjoyed it. To some people, drinking wine is an art and there are more ways to partake in the drink of the gods than there are days in the year. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself, your friends, and your family, to a visit to a winery—or ten—at least once in your lifetime. Don’t be a wino: drink with class and dignity in a group of your friends on a fancy wine tour and follow this sage advice to make the most out of your wine-venture!

  1. Wine tasting at vineyards is a great excuse to kick back and day drink. Make a whole thing of it by going with your family and friends. Wine touring is a great way to explore the local area and have a fun new experience.
  2. Whenever possible, take an organized wine tour – they will provide transportation, have the best wineries on the tour, include special offers, and get you there safely (avoid drinking and driving) – this is the easiest way.
  3. However, if you want to do it on your own – here are some tips: you need a DD. Plan your route and your stops in advance. Call ahead.
  4. Don’t just go to the big wineries – small wineries have great wine, too! Try the new wineries and off-the-beaten path ones.
  5. Some wineries charge a tasting fee, but if you buy a bottle, it is waved. Find a wine you like at each vineyard and start a collection.
  6. Don’t get too shwasted. Pack plenty of water and always have a light bite between wineries. Pack a picnic lunch or plan to have lunch at one of the wineries (most have patios and offer wine pairings with meals). Some vintners even have a side restaurant.
  7. When wine touring – get a box to start, not bags, because you’ll be buying bottles of wine at each winery. Then, you can label each boxes if there are multiple people travelling in one vehicle, to keep purchases organized and separate. Boxes make for easier transport.
  8. Wear sunscreen and bring sunglasses: some wineries will offer tours where you venture out into the vineyard to see the grapes used in their wines. Stay protected.
  9. Stick to either reds, whites, or varietals—don’t jump around. This way, you can compare wines at each winery and really get a sense of the different tasting notes each winery produces. You’ll find a new favorite wine in no time.
  10. Try something new! You may discover a new wine on a tasting tour you’ll fall in love with that you hadn’t previously tried. Venture into uncharted wine territory.

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If you’re a fan of wine, having fun, day drinking, exploring new areas, and getting a little bit of culture, think about joining a wine tasting tour or planning your own vineyard hopping adVINEture. You’ll have a blast doing it and you’ll learn a lot, too. Going on a wine tour is adulting done right.

10 wine tour tips for beginners

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