8 good reasons why every gay men should get a pet

If you need a long-term improvement to your life, consider adopting a pet today.

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This article was published on June 6th, 2018

8 good reasons why every gay men should get a petGay life can be lonely. With al the emotional ups and downs, having a reliable friend at your side is important. If you suffer from loneliness and feel like you could use some companionship without wanting to settle down with a significant other, perhaps it is time for you to stop looking for a man, and consider adopting a man’s best friend into your life. Here are 8 good reasons why every gay men should get a pet:

  1. Longevity: Study after study has shown that people with pets tend to outlive their non-pet owning counterparts. You’re more likely to live a longer life with a pet in the house than without one because of the reasons listed here.
  2. Meeting people: Having a pet to care for always meeting new people. Your new baby will need a vet and nurses, if nothing else. Think about trips to the dog park and even walking around the block. You’ll meet plenty of people along the way who are also animal enthusiasts.
  3. Picking up guys: Who doesn’t love a cute dog or cat? Being an animal lover shows guys that you have a softer side to you who selflessly cares for another being. Having an animal to pet is a great ice breaker and way to talk to hot strangers. There’s always some cutie at the dog park or groomer.
  4. Exercise: Pets require you to get a lot of exercise without even thinking about it. There’s food dishes to fill, bowls to wash, poo to throw out, and messes to clean up—just like having a child. Your pet requires physical activity, too, so get in a good workout with your baby so you both receive the same cardio burning benefits.
  5. Mental health: Pets have been proven to decrease stress in individuals and promote stronger mental health. Though they can be a handful at times, you’re more likely to shed stress away with a furry baby around. Pets increase our happiness levels just being around them.
  6. Someone to come home to: Having a dog, cat, ferret, rabbit, hamster, gerbil, fish, etc. means you’ll have someone to come home to. Most of the time, they are nothing but happy to see you, which adds to your mental well-being.
  7. Relationship Ready indicator: Having a pet to care for is really a great determiner if you’re ready for a relationship or not. Boyfriends and significant others take time, care, love, and work. It’s a solid commitment, just like with pets. Though, pets won’t ever break up with you.
  8. Giving an animal a fresh start: Remember that you could be saving the life of an animal that you adopt. You taking a pet in with the intention of providing it with a loving, caring home, means there is one less baby on the street or in a dysfunctional living situation.

Determining which animal is right for you depends on a lot of things. If you are considering getting a pet, please consider adopting through your local animal adoption agencies. There are plenty of organizations within your community to help place you with the perfect new best friend.

8 good reasons why every gay men should get a pet

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