Kiss bad kissing goodbye

From our lips, to yours - the definitive guide on how to kiss on the lips!

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This article was published on June 20th, 2018

Though it’s one of the most personal things two people can do–even though most have had a lot of experience doing so—not many actually know how to kiss properly. Pick up some lip balm, pucker your lips, and get ready for a smooching tutorial that you never know you needed. Kiss bad kissing goodbye with a little bit advice. Here is a definitive guide to kissing—from our lips here at Homoculture, to yours!

Kiss bad kissing goodbye: gay kiss

Spit out your gum. Unless you want to choke or pass a piece of rubber around in each other’s spit back and forth, you might want to ditch the gum so it doesn’t get in the way of good mouth on mouth contact.

Kiss bad kissing goodbye

Brush your damn teeth! (And use mouth wash) Unwashed mouths stink and there is no greater turnoff than a total hottie with fowl breath. Bust out the tooth brush and paste to give your mouth the TLC it deserves. Flossing and mouthwash help remove plaque and germs that can also cause bad breath.

Kiss bad kissing goodbye

Practice makes perfect. A reality of being a good kisser is that it does take practice. The more you do it, the better you get smooching. If you don’t have someone to work on your kissing with, kick it back to the 90s like the movie My Girland kiss your wrist. There’s no harm in wanting to work on your skills as a make out artist.

Kiss bad kissing goodbye

Keep your tongue at bay until you’re both ready for some inner-mouth sword fighting. The last thing someone wants is an unwanted tongue shoved down their throats. Hold off on the tongue action until you are both ready for it. Use French Kissing as an escalated point in your making out versus immediately jumping into it fresh out the gate.

Kiss bad kissing goodbye

Start slow, then move in for the kill. A great place to start is with the effervescent peck with a closed mouth and slightly parched lips. You can do several smooches like this before moving onto open mouthed kissing. Feel your partner out for rhythm and the timing of certain actions like tongue introductions.

Kiss bad kissing goodbyeSwitch it up! Move on from closed mouthed to open mouthed. Move your head around. Try to really take in your partner’s lips with your own. Just don’t slobber all over their mouth or face. Gently involve some teeth if the intensity gets there, but judge your partner’s willingness to participate before you go in for the chomp.

Bring on the passion. The best kissing is where you know that both of you are really into it. It’s ok to break away to look them in the eye. Brush your lips lightly across theirs and breathe your partner in just a few centemeters from their face. A bold but romantic move is touching your hand to their face while you kiss. All of these actions suggest that you are into them and what you are doing.

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Good kissing is an art form and cannot be learned over night. You’re already off on a good foot if you are into them, want to make out with them, and they want to do the same. Another good kisser will come along that will want to kiss you too.

Kiss bad kissing goodbye

Got any kissing advice for our fellow readers? Leave a comment below!

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