Slide right in with the all-new WET Lubricants

Don’t settle for spit and dryness, get ahold of some slippery WET lube for the best lubricant available.

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This article was published on July 4th, 2018

In the world of sex, not everything comes easy—pun intended. Relationships are tricky, dating can be rocky, and sex…well, sex can either be as simple as one, two, three, or can also prove a challenge. One thing you should never have to worry about when getting down and dirty is the ability to get it in, in the first place. Thanks to WET lubricants and their line-up of slick products, you don’t ever have to worry about dry sex again!

Lubricants can be used for a wide-variety of purposes, but other than keeping your car engine operating smoothly, the purpose of personal lube is to aid in sexual practices. Spit can be helpful, but it just doesn’t the trick like the high quality and long-lasting use of WET lubricant. What began nearly 30 years ago as a lubricant that wouldn’t erode condoms in the heights of the HIV and AIDS crisis has transformed into a multi-million-dollar global brand of lubricants and sex aids.

WET’s original, top selling formula has been around for over 25 years. This water-based lube is paraben free, doctor recommended, clean, and non-staining. Now, WET sells over 20 different products, including a re-vamped version of their original formula.

Other items include Keep It Clean Foaming Toy wash for users to keep their sex toys squeaky clean. Inttimo by WET Aromatherapy Bath and Massage Oil in five different scents, new donut-flavored Unicorn Spit lube, WET Uranus anal lube, hemp seed Wet Hemptation lubricant, six other flavored lubricants, organic lube, and massage gel, to name a few of their silky-smooth products.

With WET lubricants and sexual enhancement products, you’ll be able to slide into a good time, worry free, without the hassle of dryness or irritation. WET Lubricants are FDA approved and have become a household name in over 70 countries. Much of WET’s products are aloe-based and contain no glycerin, and they even offer hybrid water/silicon based lubes for those looking for an even slipperier-when-wet experience.

Slide right in with the all-new WET Lubricants

WET is also a company with a lot of heart. WET lubricants works annually with over 300 charitable organizations to help make a lasting impact on the community, including HomoCulture! Next time you are readying for your next gay sexual encounter, push through with confidence and ease, thanks to a company who has made sliding into home that much easier: WET lubricants.

So what WET lubricant is most popular with gay men? WET Platinum! It is easily the preferred choice because it’s the premium, never sticky personal lubricant that is best for anal sex. It’s available at Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens! Plus, HomoCulture will be giving away free 4oz samples during the HomoCulture Tour for the rest of 2018.

Check out all of the different products WET lubricants has to offer:

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