The gay hook up code of conduct

Show a little bit of respect and etiquette when you trick with the hook up code of conduct.

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This article was published on July 5th, 2018

Hooking up is fun, quick, and an often easy task with geo-location dating and connection apps. There needs to be a certain amount of respect taken and given between two people who are about to stick their dicks in each other and a level of etiquette on what to do after you’ve hooked-up. The gay hook up code of conduct is a little guide to help you not be a total douche when tricking.

The gay hook up code of conduct

  1. Be kind rewind. Hopefully, the sex was good and you’ll potentially want a rinse and repeat. Be courteous, mind your manners, and show the guy a little respect. Exchange numbers if you had fun.
  2. Know your audience. Get yourself into only whatever situation you want to tolerate and politely back away or leave if you’re not feeling it. Realize what you’re walking into and respect those parameters.
  3. Do the deed and immediately go if the situation is meant to be a quickie. If it’s meant to be more on the anonymous side, get dressed and leave without making awkward conversation.
  4. Mind your Ps and Qs. If the hookup is supposed to be discrete or on the DL, then don’t text or acknowledge them in public. Let them contact you for your next rendezvous.
  5. Kiss them goodbye nicely if it wasn’t that good or you don’t want a round two. Don’t just immediately block them on Grindr. If you aren’t interested in seeing them again, be upfront and honest. There’s a way to let people down without being an asshole about it.
  6. Don’t play the game. Make sure you keep in touch if the sex was good. Just don’t be that creeper that stalks them all the time. Keep the communication line on your end open and let them come to you for a second trip to poundtown. Get the hint if the other person doesn’t return your text messages. They might just not be that into you.
  7. The results are in. If you get tested and the doctor informs you your positive for any STI’s, it’s responsibility to tell your trick right away. Your honesty is good for you but helps keep the community safe and protected, too. Stop those bugs in their tracks.
  8. Don’t be a Kartrashian. If you took naked pics or dirty videos, don’t share with others or online. Those are meant to be enjoyed between the two of you. You wouldn’t want the world to see you in a compromising sexual position with another man thanks to a sex tape leak, so don’t do that to someone else, either.
  9. Wrap it up and take your pill, Shelby. Always have condoms, lube, towels, and have taken your PrEP or TaSP before screwing around. This will show you’re being courteous and responsible, and want to provide the best hook up experience possible. A little consideration goes a long way.

Do you have any advice for hooking up? Let us know what you would add to the gay hook up code of conduct in the comments below!

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