15 not-so-freaky fetishes

15 not-so-freaky fetishes to indulge that aren’t that, surprisingly, aren’t that unusual.

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This article was published on July 11th, 2018

In a world of many attractions, it’s no wonder the wonderful world of sex can be so vastly full of endlessly different interests. The difference between vanilla fornicating and mild to wild is slowly shrinking as a new sexual revolution is in our mitts. In case you are feeling like your sexual proclivities are too kinky or too risqué, just remember that you are not alone in wanting to explore anything and everything sex has to offer. Here are 15 not-so-freaky fetishes to indulge that aren’t that, surprisingly, aren’t that unusual.

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Watersports: Let’s start with a bang. Pee play has become popular play these days, with more people exploring the possibilities of pissing with a partner. Don’t worry—it’s safe and sterile.

Spanking: From a light tap on the rear to paddling and more—spanking is one of the most common fetishes. Set a bad boy straight by showing him who is in charge or take it like a man.

Fetish fun at Folsom!

Choking: Asphyxiation can help increase the magnitude of orgasms but should be practiced safely with your partner’s hand or a light cloth that is easily removed from around the neck.

Electro: Shocking or not, adding electricity and sex is also nothing new. But new toys have made mild electric shock a fun addition to the bedroom. Zap your way to climax with a little electro.

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Toys: Toys ‘R’ Us might be going under, but sex toy use is on the rise! Dildos, Fleshjack’s, anal beads, butt plugs, electric wands, and more! There are more toys in different shapes and sizes to choose from.

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Underwear: A sexy pair of drawers looks good on most men, especially when they accentuate your best assets. There is so much you can do with underwear, whether it be tasting, smelling, tying up, or just showing off.

Upping your underwear game with Tani USA

Diapers: Diapers aren’t just for a baby or grandparent. Diaper and baby role play is a fun and safe fetish meant for the whole family!

Restraint: Don’t let the Stephen King book and Netflix movie Gerald’s Gamescare you from indulging in a little restraint. Tying your partner up or being tied yourself can be a great way to truly let go and give yourself to your partner. Just make sure you have a way out of your restraint.

Bondage Gear

Flogging: Take spanking to a new level with a little bit of flogging. This BDSM fetish is a popular one for those looking to get off through discipline and something a little more intense than typical spanking.

Pup play: Puppy play is a fetish that involves giving yourself over completely to your partner in such a submissive manner that you act like a dog: ‘owned’ and cared for by your ‘master’/partner.

Fisting: Lube up, bend over, and get ready for that fifth finger as fisting has become, yet again, all the rage. Take a deep breath and open up!

Public sex: Sex outside and where you can get caught; just be careful that you don’t. No one wants a “sex offender” label on their permanent record.

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Tickling: No longer just for Elmo, tickling used as foreplay is a great way to get comfortable with your partner and let go a bit before getting down and dirty.

Feet: There’s something about our little tootsies that just get some people off. One can lick, suck, fuck, and do all kinds of fun things with feet, stinky or no.

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CBT: Cock and ball torture should be taken in small doses and steps. There is no need to permanently damage your family jewels while trying to get off. Though more and more guys are taking part in this extreme fetish.

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What are your favorite kinks? Leave your favorite bedroom kinks and fetishes in the comments section below.

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