America in peril

With everything going on with United Stated government, are LGBT rights in jeopardy?

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This article was published on July 12th, 2018

American liberals and progressives have been losing their collective shits ever since Trump took the highest office in the United States of America. It seems that, at every turn, the President Trump has been doing everything in his power to dismantle the progressive strides President Obama and the rest of the United States took over 8 years to build while he was in office. Now, with a second Supreme Court nominee pick, the recent SCOTUS cake decision, the US pulling out of the United Nations Human Rights Council, and the horrific situation going on at its southern border, America does not seem to like the land of the free, especially for marginalized minorities like the LGBT community. In the Trump era, is it time for the gays to throw in the towel or stand up and fight for the ideals the United States of America once stood for?

America in peril

The US Constitution was created to disable too many of the same faction from gaining too much power. When Democrats lost the presidency, House, and Senate, most dismissed these as the preverbal pendulum swinging in the opposite direction, much like American history and politics have been known to do. But the Republicans blockage of Obama’s Supreme Court nominee means Trump already got to seize and select Obama’s nominee option. Now, with the retirement of Justice Kennedy—the Court’s swing vote who helped the LGBT community win landmark cases like Obergefeld vs Hodges and Windsor vs The United States—the fear of the long-lasting effects of the Trump Administrations actions is now becoming all too real.

When running for election, Trump promised to nominate a justice to the highest court who would bring about an end to Roe vs Wade, the landmark case that guaranteed reproductive rights belong in the hands of women. The end of Roe vs Wade could have long lasting consequences that branch out further than just women and reproductive rights. Progressives think a precedent setting court case overturning this landmark decision could lead to further dismantling of women’s and other minority groups’ rights.

As proven with the recent SCOTUS decision for the anti-gay cake baker: the LGBT community can and will be put under attack based on fictitious religious rights. The Trump administration has already squashed the Obama-era executive order guaranteeing that gay people cannot be fired for being gay while working for the government. Will this recent Supreme Court case loss mean less and less protections for LGBT people?

America in peril

Hate crimes are up 350% in the United States in the less than two years since Donald Trump took office. The United States government is jailing refugees at its southern border, including imprisoning families, and separating parents from children. These lead to the United Nations threatening to act against the United States. As a result, the Trump administration decided to pull America from the Human Rights Council at the United Nations. Despite bipartisan calls to end the horrific practices occurring at its southern border, the Trump government continues to imprison people seeking refugee status.

While it may seem like America is in peril, there are a lot of courses of action you can take to resist the Trump administration and its antics:

  • Donate time and money to progressive candidates: Donald Trump cannot pass his agenda without the help of congress, and congress needs to be back in the hands of liberals.
  • Vote! In every election! Call your senators and representatives. Call senators and reps in other states! It takes five minutes.
  • Money talks and bull shit walks: the only thing politicians listen to is money and the voice of the people re-electing them.
  • Write letters. Attend marches and peaceful protests.
  • Donate to organizations like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, the Trevor Project, the Human Rights Campaign, and progressive candidates who actually represent you, the queer individual.

Trevor Project LA Pride Parade 2018

America is going to be just fine, as long as people buck up and fight the good fight, now. Democracy takes work. It’s time to pull up your gay bootstraps and get to it! LGBT rights have come so far that none of us can afford to be complacent on losing them. It’s time to save the United States, save LGBT rights, and guarantee that the law protects the few as well as the majority, and that the Trump administration isn’t successful in destroying America.


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    The hate crimes are in the vast majority perpetrated by the left. Obama separated far more families on the border.