Tattoos and piercings: turn on or turn-off?

Are tattoos and piercings hot and sexy AF, or a complete

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This article was published on July 23rd, 2018

When it comes to body art and modifications, you’re either completely for it, or completely against it. Tattoos and piercings tell allow individuals to express themselves, using their body as a canvas to tell a story and heighten personal pleasures. When done right, tattoos and piercings can be incredibly sexy. The human body is naturally sexy, and there are people who prefer the natural look, preserving their body and keeping free of ink and metal. Depending on your preferences, tattoos and piercings can be hot and sexy AF, or a complete turn off.

Tattoos and piercings: turn on or turn-off?

Tattoos and piercings have been around for as long as people have known how to permanently paint and stab through flesh. Eastern societies have been tattooing and piercing body parts for a thousand years and even though the art of piercing and tattooing are still gaining acceptance in Western cultures, the practice has become more and more acceptable.

Getting pierced and tattooed comes with pain and time to get a piece of art permanently etched into your skin. Though society is growing in their acceptance, there is still some stigma surrounding those who sport tattoos and piercings that aren’t as conventional as the next. Dealing with your grandmother’s side eye or a job interviewer’s sizing you up as a result of what you look like can both be bi-products of piercing and tattoos.

But there are plenty of advantages to tattoos and piercings, too. Some folks find tattoos exceedingly sexy—especially on men. Tattoos are great for covering up scars and blemishes. They also help turn your body into a canvas, as a piece of art. Tattoos are more than just creations etched into the dermis layer of the skin: they are memories, events, art, achievements, and often a lifetime of experiences you can take with you everywhere

Piercings are great because they can also be deemed as sexy by admirers. Having piercings in certain areas like your taint, penis, nipples, belly button, and ears can add a new level of sensitivity to that body region, adding new stimulation to areas you never knew possible. A Prince Albert can mean an entirely whole new realm for those on the receiving end of that D. Having an ear, cartilage, nose, nipples, or tongue pierced has become completely ordinary in the 21stcentury.

While some conservative people may dismiss them as a fad or trend meant to eventually go away, tattoos and piercings don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. As technology advances, so does the depth and artistry of tattooing and piercing, making whatever you desire that much more obtainable. So, tattoos and piercings: Taboo? Or Totally cool? It all depends on what you’re into.

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One thought on “Tattoos and piercings: turn on or turn-off?

  1. Brad Waltrip

    i have tongue and both nipples pierced and i feel that those make me feel more SEXY..
    my nipples are so sensitive with just a light touch.. they get so hard and goes right to making my ass wet and dick hard just like a ladies pussy gets wet