Hand cream is for men

Guys, if you want to put your best hand forward, you need to start using hand cream.

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This article was published on July 28th, 2018

There are some health and beauty regiments that women adopted long ago that men just never seemed to get on-board with. Guys – you need to use hand cream! Sure, after shaving, swiping some deodorant on, and doing your hair, one might feel like you’ve already put enough time into your daily routine. EHHHRRRRR. Wrong. Lead with your best hand forward and add some hand cream into your life, gentlemen.

Hand cream is for men

Why should you use hand cream? Hands are some of the first parts of us anyone sees and pays attention to. From the Medieval times of the knights to today, hands are what we put in front of us 100% of the time to greet one another, gesture, protect us, wave, hail a cab, push open a door, etc. Unless you are getting a regular manicure, then the skin on your hands can often appear dry or cracked if you do not moisturize or care for them enough. Softer, younger looking hands are desired in many cultures because it implies certain things like wealth or good health. Part of this is true: good hand health improves your general health.

Our hands also do all the work of our day to day lives and take the brunt of the trauma in accidents or nuances of everyday life. It’s important to moisturize your hands to protect the skin from chemicals we use, the sun, germs, and abrasions.

Just like anywhere else on your body, the skin on your hands requires a little tender love and care from time to time. Yours don’t have to look like hand model David Duchovny’s in Zoolander, but using hand cream can dramatically help your hands look and feel better. The oil ducts on your hands are much smaller than on the rest of your body, so it is essential that you provide plenty of hydration to the skin on your hands. Moisturization helps with dry, chapped skin, and forms a protective shield over your skin to let the new healthy skin grown in.

Hand cream is for men

Taking that extra time to care for your hands will help improve your general health, if you need more reasons to use hand cream. You’ll burn calories rubbing the lotion onto your hands and fingers. Circulation will improve to the tips of your fingers from massaging it in. Your hands will be softer, smoother, and will smell good. You’ll feel more confident that you’ve got nice hands to look at and you’ll be glad you’re putting your best hand forward! Use hand cream. It’s also for men.

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