Tips for curing a hangover

Helpful tips to help you quickly cure a hangover.

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This article was published on July 31st, 2018

If summer’s for something, that’s definitely endless cocktails by the beach, pool or in your garden. And yes, it is easy to have one too many, which you might regret the following day. Hangover is probably the worst thing God invented, so it is important to do everything you can to fight this nasty demon. So, if you drank a lot the previous night and you’re now all curled up in your bed not knowing what to do next to get rid of the headache or vomiting, use these tips to help cure your hangover (there’s even one that includes hot naked guys!). 

Tips for curing a hangover

Eat away your hangover

Of course, the first thing that you need to do in the morning is eat. However, bear in mind that you cannot eat whatever you want, as there are things that will only make your stomach worse. The best thing to eat if you have a hangover is French toast, as it will soak up plenty of alcohol that’s in your system. Once you do this, wait a bit and you will see that you definitely feel better. Now that that’s done, it’s time for Phase 2 – having a good lunch. Your body will definitely crave real food after this (probably junk food or comfort food), so you can give it a go and visit your favorite comfort food restaurant with your best friend and get something to eat. 


Yes, tea is excellent for curing a hangover, but there’s a beverage that’s even better, and that’s coffee. If you’re a coffee lover and cannot start your day properly without a cup of good coffee, then this is the thing you should make for yourself once you wake up. It would be excellent if you already had some of the strongest coffee available in your cupboard so that you don’t have to go outside in such a state. Brew your coffee, sit back, relax in peace and quiet and just let those delicious, caffeinated beans do their magic and get you back to life.

Steamy mornings

Even though it might sound unusual, waking up in the morning and heading straight off to a nearby spa or a bathhouse is an option that you simply have to try out. First of all, the steam from the sauna will make a big percentage of the alcohol in your system evaporate, and second of all, you will get to see half-naked (or completely naked) guys. Just know that the feeling when you enter the sauna hungover might not be the best feeling in the world, but just bear it for 5-10 minutes, go take a cold shower and return. You will go leave feeling fresher than ever.

Netflix and chill, literally

You’ve probably had too much to drink on a crazy party last night, so it’s natural that you need peace and quiet the following day in order to relax and get yourself back together. The most painless way in which you can do this is by sitting at home and binge watching a TV show you’ve wanted to watch for so long (which could be an excellent reason to get drunk and stay at home the following day)!

The shape of water

And lastly, we’re going to mention the tip that you should already know by yourself, but let’s not take chances and include it in this list. Water – the most important thing that you have to drink when you have a hangover. The fact that you were dead drunk last night means that you left your body totally dehydrated, and now it’s time to reverse that, so drink plenty, plenty of water.

Tips for curing a hangover

Yes –  getting drunk can be a lot of fun, but the mornings after can feel awful. Even though having too much to drink could potentially ruin your day, make sure not to be “that guy” and accept the consequences. If you do everything according to these tips, not only will you have a blast of a night, but the hangover,  like a trick, doesn’t have to stick around all morning. 


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