Everything you need to know about prostate milking

Prostate milking is a prostate massage that triggers sexual pleasure and offers medical benefits.

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This article was published on August 8th, 2018

Putting the words prostate and milking together may sound strange, but it’s also quite indicative. Nobody who’s ever heard of them forgets their meaning, and those who’ve tried it, remember it for the rest of their lives. In short, prostate milking is the process of prostate massage that triggers sexual pleasure and has medical purpose as well. 

Everything you need to know about prostate milking

Spicing things up

The biggest reason why men get into prostate milking is obvious – if performed properly, it feels really good. Being aroused this way is the preferable option for a whole lot of people and that’s why prostate massage is gaining so much popularity. Many men love this kind of stimulation since orgasming and ejaculating is better with something arousing their prostate.

Another great benefit of prostate milking is the surpassing some of the sexual challenges. Namely, if you have a problem climaxing and reaching your true potential in bed, this might be the way to spice things up a bit. Massaging one’s prostate results in a more effective and quicker orgasm than when you’re focusing on other erogenous zones. Ultimately, this is why many rely on this tactic to deal with potential sexual problems that might ruin their fun in the sack.

More, more, more!

Speaking of issues in bed, not everyone knows that lots of men experience ejaculatory problems on a daily basis – they reach climax, but can’t get any fluid that will prove it. There are lots of reasons why this happens and some of them even point out to more serious health concerns and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Moreover, if this condition continues, consult a doctor immediately.

However, while doctors can’t make you ejaculate harder, prostate milking can. Packed with lots of nerve endings, prostate will, if stimulated properly, give you an orgasm like you’ve never had before and make you ejaculate harder than ever. That’s basically the reason why lots of men – gay and straight – love it.

A little help for your friends

Another issue numerous men face is the inability to have and maintain erection. There are millions of reasons why this condition occurs to them – heart problems, high cholesterol, obesity, excessive use of alcohol and tobacco, diseases like Parkinson’s and Peyronie’s, stress and lack of sleep – and this may cause a lot of problems. With some, this condition is temporary and can go away after a short period of time, while the others struggle for years and years, unable to find a solution. Ultimately, a number of them is forced to have a surgery.

But, if you want to avoid frequent visits to the doctor’s and invasive medical procedures, look into prostate milking. This method is not scientifically nor unanimously supported, but it does help with erectile dysfunction a lot. By stimulating your prostate, you enhance blood flow and thus manage to reach an erection. Additionally, this massage will arouse you, allowing some of that sensation to extend to your penis.

Under control

No matter how much joy it brings to men, their prostate is, unfortunately, one of the biggest sources of various health issues and enlarged prostate is just one of them. If left untreated, it could turn your life into a living hell, so make sure you check it regularly. Since an enlarged prostate causes problems with urination – either urinating frequently or having a weak stream – most doctors prescribe drugs which some people are just not willing to take. Although there are many solutions to this problem, you have to be aware of the numerous side effects as well.

Luckily, this is another issue prostate milking can solve. A gentle massage can improve blood and urinary flow, release helpful nutrients to the gland and allow it to reduce its size. Due to its effectiveness, prostate milking is often recommended by doctors and some even encourage combining it with prostate health supplements that will boost the effects.

Fun, games and safety

After all, the most fun benefit of prostate massage is pure pleasure. Millions of men are performing this technique as we speak, but, if you want to get into it, you must take safety into consideration. Make sure you and your partner are protected and that there’s enough lubricant in the room.

When aroused, things often get out of control and something can go wrong in a blink of an eye – especially if you have an enlarged prostate – which is why you need to be extra careful. Only with a proper use of a prostate massager and other erotic toys can your experience be completely safe and enjoyable.

More benefits of prostate milking

Aside from pleasure and the healing factor, prostate milking can be a way to diagnose prostate cancer. Also, it can help you cure impotence, pain and prostatitis, which is yet another reason to explore it even further.

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