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With an all new lineup of 6 adult themed board games, your game night just got a little wilder—and much more fun.

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This article was published on August 9th, 2018

Doing the same boring things at every social gathering is tiring and redundant. You go to a house party and the host pours a couple of summer cocktails and then digs out the usual Parcheesi, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Clue, and Charades games. What you want is to do something new and fun. You need to amp up your game night with adult themed options. Games Adults Play has a line of adult-only suited games meant to turn your night at home with friends into an evening of laughs and hilarity!

Games adults play

Not your parents’ games and certainly not meant to be played by or with kids, Games Adults Play follows on the coat tails of card games Cards Against Humanity–and the gay version Tops or Bottoms—to bring you six different games to make you and your friends reach new levels of understanding with one another in the most insanely hilarious ways possible. All of their new games can be combined with alcohol to add even more EXTRA to your party.

Games adults play - Tossed Salad

The new collection of Games Adults Play are adult party games for players 18 and up include Tossed Salad, Sip It, Friend or Faux, Shit Happens: 50 Shades of Shit, The Oregon Trail: Journey To Willamette Valley, and True Colors.

Games adults play - Oregon Trail

Everyone’s favorite sadistic and cannibalistic computer game from their childhood is back and better than ever with The Oregon Trail: Journey To Willamette Valley. Fight to stay alive at every turn while accumulating enough money to start a new life out west—without getting dysentery.

Games adults play - True Colors

With True Colors, 170 absurd questions are asked and players secretly cast votes for who they think fits the description best. How well do you know your friends and how well do they know you? Find out everyone’s True Colors.

Games adults play - Tossed Salad

Players divide into two teams with Tossed Salad: a charades game meant for those with dirty minds. Players act out double entendres listed on the card—no matter how kinky, or freaky they might be.

Games adults play - Sip It

Sip It! If you’re in need of a great drinking game, Sip It! is the ultimate game. If players fail to complete the ridiculous tasks laid out in front of them, they must shoot alcohol. The more insane the task, the higher the risk of everyone getting tipsy sooner than later.

Games adults play - Shit Happens

In Shit Happens: 50 Shades of Shit, each player must read through cards and put them in order according to which situation or card is the worst or shittiest.  The ranking must match the shittiness index for players to obtain cards to ultimate win the game.

Games adults play - Friend or Faux

In Friend or Faux, each player must endure five rounds of questioning, with each tier getting more and more juicy with each question. You’ll make friends or influence people one way or another with Friend or Faux.

Games adults play

Featuring the all-new, ultimate collection of adult party games, Games Adults Play is the collection of in-home entertainment you want to have to turn any night into an evening of laughter worth remembering.

Now is the time to up your board game hosting skills and get to know the fun side of your friends through unique and outrages games. Order Games Adults Play games today.


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