When travel plans go awry

Follow these 8 simple tips anytime your trip goes amiss.

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This article was published on August 19th, 2018

Travelling can be fun, exciting, and full of adventure. Exploring new destinations, cultures, and experiences can be energizing and fulfilling. Most people who travel like to go prepared, with detailed itineraries, agendas, and all the arrangements made and double-checked. But things don’t always go as planned. Things can quickly, and very easily, go wrong. The key is not to panic. Everything will be ok as long as you remain calm, think logically, and take it one step at a time. Here is the survival list of what to do and how to survive when your travel plans go awry.

When travel plans go awry

  1. Keep in mind that you’re on vacation – enjoy it and make the most out of whatever the situation was that was dropped onto your lap. Worrying, fretting, getting mad, or breaking down into tears isn’t going to make it any better.
  2. Keep your chin up. Don’t let changes to your well-laid-out gaycation slow your roll or mess up your holiday train of awesome. Stay positive and the universe will be positive back to you.
  3. Roll with the punches. Life often supersedes plans, and if you’re able to brush off changes to your itinerary quickly, you’ll be back to having a blast in no time.
  4. Be open to the possibilities. Some folks believe that everything happens for a reason. A missed or delayed flight could mean you avoided drama elsewhere or that you were meant to take a different path, pun intended. When life hands you lemons, make a lemon drop martini!
  5. Be prepared for anything. Bring an extra credit card for emergencies. Carry a copy of your passport with you. Travel having done basic enough research to find a different hotel, restaurant, or activity, for instance. Pack smart by spreading your possessions between at least two bags to avoid all your bling getting lost in the mix.
  6. Have (a few) backup plan(s). Don’t lay all your travel plans in one basket. There are plenty of things that could go wrong while traveling like the weather/mother nature, strikes, rallies, protests, etc. that could mean your plans get derailed.
  7. Take the road less traveled. Who knows? Your travel SNAFU may end up being the best thing that ever happened to you if you allow yourself to live and let the universe lead you where you need to go. Even if it’s the road less traveled.
  8. Buy travel insurance for extra coverage. There are very few worse feelings than losing money, so protect yourself with some travel insurance that will cover expenses in case of need. Though not necessary, there is a certain peace of mind in knowing that you are covered, no matter what.

Now go out into the world, ready to conquer your next holiday destination, no matter what life throws at you!

When travel plans go awry

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