How to Dress for the Pride in Europe

The clothes that you should have with you in case you want to twerk during Pride in Europe.

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This article was published on September 3rd, 2018

Pride Month is definitely over, but certain Prides are still taking place all around the globe. And if you really want the best of the best remaining Prides, then Europe is the continent for you, as the party here literally never ends. If you happen to be travelling throughout Europe in the following months and know that you will be somewhere during the Gay Pride, then you should include some festive pride-ish outfit in your suitcase. After all, you cannot visit the Pride in your regular clothes, now can you? Take a look at the clothes that you should have with you in case you want to twerk during Gay Pride:

Category is… the visible

The first thing that you need to do is prepare all the most colorful clothes that you own as Pride is all about colors, baby! Of course, if you want to try a bit more BDSM combination, you can certainly find black leather garments, but unless you want to be a literal slave to the rhythm, choose colors instead. One of the best pieces that you can have, and definitely the most memorable one, is a pair of Kapow meggings that will bring back the ’80s with a dose of the 10s’ sexy. Not only are they extremely comfortable, but you can also find them in practically any colorful pattern that you want and they look amazing, hella gay amazing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dom top, power bottom or a twink – these look good on everyone. Furthermore, any crop tops that you own, colorful vintage Hawaiian shirts or sleeveless t-shirts should find their way into your suitcase.

Kapow Meggings Bundles: Bringing the 80s back in style and function

Category is… the hidden

You can be wearing even diamonds and the best and sexiest clothes that there are, but there is also something that you have to wear under that, right? And it doesn’t do to go to a Pride, wear the best of the best and not pay attention to your underwear. First of all, it always feels good to have excellent underwear, and secondly – you never know when you will have to show something extra during the Pride. That is why you should get yourself a couple of pairs of the best men’s underwear that are both extremely sexy and high-quality (you know that gays pay special attention to that, so don’t embarrass yourself). If you want to wear jock strap, for example – fell free to do it, but make sure that the pair you’re wearing is high-quality and that it looks good on you. It seems unimportant, but don’t let yourself be fooled – underwear is very important for a Pride.

Folsom 2017: Fetishism and frolicking at its finest!

Category is… the shoes

As far as shoes go, make sure to wear something that’s comfortable, because the day will involve a lot of walking and dancing. The best option would be to have a pair of good sports sneakers in fluorescent or bright colors (such as for example yellow or pink Nike Flyknits) – they are always fashionable, can be very sexy and happen to be extremely comfortable, so basically you could kill three birds with one stone. Other options include the Birkenstock shoes that are very fashionable at the moment, but make sure to match them well to your outfit as not everything goes with it. Mind that a lot of us pay attention to the footwear of the fellas, so don’t wear something old and concert-friendly. Put a bit of an effort into your whole appearance.

How to Dress for the Pride in Europe

Category is… the accessories

Once you’re finished with the previous categories, it’s time to think about the accessories. Apart from anything that you want to put on top (including bracelets, necklaces, watches or hats), make sure that you have at least one item with the rainbow flag on it. A quick tip: if you don’t have anything, you can always find rainbow socks that will look good, a small scarf or bandana that you will tie around your hand or arm, or even have the rainbow flag drawn on your cheek.

How to Dress for the Pride in Europe

As Gloria Gaynor once said – I will survive, and you will definitely survive this Pride if you follow these instructions carefully. Not only will you survive it, but you will OWN it!

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