Gay couple’s guide to wedding suits

Look classy AF with your special someone for your upcoming gay wedding.

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This article was published on September 11th, 2018

One of the perks of being gay is that you get to wear whatever you want at a certain wedding. It could be your own (if that’s the case, well, congratulations!) or the wedding of your best friend, but one thing is for certain: heterosexual couples most often opt for a classic suit and an elegant gown, while gay couple’s can go with many other options as well. Not sure if you’re here because you have your own wedding to plan and you’re looking for inspiration or you simply want to look classy AF with your special someone for the upcoming wedding, but these are some of the ideas that gay men (and lesbians) can pull off:

1. Individual style

We’ll start with the most common one, and that’s the option where each of you will be presenting their own unique style. There certainly are many people who just detest the idea of dressing “as a couple”, and if you’re one of those then this is the style you should choose. Surely we cannot tell you what to wear, as you can choose whatever you want not thinking if it’s going to match well with the style of your boyfriend. Since you’re gay though, make sure that you know the Wedding Style 101 and dress accordingly – there are so many suit mistakes that you can make, and it won’t do to have some while your special someone is dressed perfectly, right? So, no matter if you’re not going to go matchy-matchy, you can do your homework together and at least dress to impress.

2. Matching outfits

The second option might be more popular as there are so many cute couples that simply have to dress in a matching outfit. Obviously, the first option (that’s a bit passé but then again if you like it, go for it) is to practically wear the same outfits to a wedding no matter if you’re the one getting married or are simply there as guests. If you want to be a bit different though, you can always choose the same custom men’s wedding suits and just give it a touch of your own personality by choosing different accessories, such as ties or bowties. However, bear in mind that you can have a matching outfit without wearing the same suits:

Gay couple's guide to wedding suits

Go plaid, baby

Choosing matching outfits means that you have one leitmotif that both of you will incorporate in your attire. You can, for example, choose the plaid look and have one of you wear a plaid blazer with elegant, monochromatic trousers, while the other one wears plaid trousers with a monochromatic suit. There is something great in this pattern as it always looks classy and it will definitely make you #couplegoals.

Linen for summer

Another option is to go for the same materials, and what is better than linen for hot summer days and nights? Some of the best summer looks are made from linen, so you can choose this as the material for both suits for this wedding. If you combine beige and white, you can practically wear anything that you want, as you will be matching no matter what. This combination is better if you’re the one saying “I do”, but it works well for guests as well.

3. Contrasting outfits

Bear in mind that wearing contrasting outfits doesn’t mean that each of you will be rocking his own individual style. To some extent this is true, but if you choose totally contrasting outfits and colors, it can bring you even closer. Does this make any sense? Take for example the Pantone colors – if one of you chooses a suit in the Ultraviolet color, the other can go in light lavender or peach color. As long as you keep the colors pastel and of the same intensity, everyone can see that you’re a couple while still wearing different outfits and colors. And it will look totally stylish! Since this is quite a bold move, you can always consult the color wheel and see what colors are complementary. If you still want to make sure that everyone knows you’re a couple, you can include details in the color of your special someone’s suit – such as a tie, shoes or handkerchiefs that you will put in the pocket of your blazer.

It might have been difficult for us to get the chance to get married, but now that we can in many parts of the world, we also have the option of matching our outfits in a better manner than straights do, and thank God for that! Getting ready for a wedding is always quite interesting and fun, so choose any idea from this article and you’ll be the couple of the wedding (apart from the newlyweds of course)!

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