National Coming Out Day Reaches a Milestone

This October 11, National Coming Out day, let’s celebrate anyone and everyone coming out

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This article was published on October 8th, 2018

In today’s political climate, it is important for the queer community to join forces and stand together. An important factor in the success of obtaining understanding and peace lies with awareness through coming out and embracing your true self—no matter what your sexuality or gender. This October 11, National Coming Out day, let’s celebrate anyone and everyone coming out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and anyone who is an ally of the LGBT community.

Two gay men holding hands walking through the Castro

This year marks the 30thanniversary of National Coming Out Day. The inaugural National Coming Out Day was on the first anniversary of the National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. Half a million-people descended upon the capital in 1987 to demonstrate for LGBT equality. The following year, National Coming Out Day was born and is celebrated in nations around the world as a day to come out and appreciate those brave enough to have already done so.

LA Pride 2018: One for the record books!

The idea was that the best but most basic form of activism to combat prejudice, bigotry, and homophobia was to come out to the world and be as openly queer as people want to be. That through coming out to their family, friends, peers, and colleagues, there adds a face to the movement. It’s harder to maintain an ideology of hatred and bigotry towards people you know, love and respect outside of whom they are sexually attracted.

NYC Pride 2018: The Big Apple's big gay Pride month

Now more than just a day for applauding those who have come out, National Coming Out Day has become a day to advocate for LGBT rights and to raise awareness about the ill treatment and history of the LGBT Rights Movement. Through growing acceptance in western countries, National Coming Out Day has become sort of a holiday to celebrate being queer, being alive, and being uniquely yourself.

Kamloops Pride 2018: a pride festival with a big heart

Coming out is never easy to do. It takes guts, courage, bravery, and a support system around you to make sure you realize that people will love you no matter whom you love. This National Coming Out Day, let everyone in your world know that you are proud of who you are, no matter whom you love or what your sexuality.

LA Pride 2018: One for the record books!

To find out some fun ways to celebrate National Coming Out Day and learn more about its history, check out:

Happy National Coming Out Day, gay brothers and sisters!

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