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Twinks: get into the world of kink, stock up on some fun gear to steer you in the right direction.

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This article was published on October 10th, 2018

Are you a young guy that is interested in the world of fetishes and non-vanilla sex, but don’t know where to start? Wanting to connect with your kinky side but need to be pointed in the right direction? A great way to dip your toe in the preverbal pond is to stock up on some sexual enhancement accessories. It’s time to introduce you twinks to the world of kink. Here are some suggestions on how to start with a few, affordable, high-quality gear items from our friends at The Stockroom, to start acclimating your way into the wonderful world of kinks.

Kink For Twinks


Cuffs are great to wear as a wrist accessory or for use in fun sex games like restraints and master sub play. Extra soft leather means extra comfort and they come in three colors, perfect for complimenting outfits. Be bound by the wrist or wear a simple addition to your ensemble at the clubs—your choice.

Kink For Twinks - Wrist Cuffs

Ankle Cuffs:

Like wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs are great for accessorizing. The ankle cuffs come with an industrial strength D ring for bondage and also come in three different colors. Keep yours or your partner’s legs bound with these soft but sturdy strapped cuffs.

Kink For Twinks - Ankle Cuffs

Curved Posture Collar:

Perfect for slave play, the curved posture collar forces the wearer to stand or sit straight. Great for pup play, too! There’s a ring in front for optimal leash or rope attachment, so you can lead or be lead around by your partner.

Kink For Twinks - Curved Posture Collar

Leather Hog Tie:

If you’re really looking to get submissive with your gear, the leather hog tie is right for you. You can easily slip into the comfortable straps and tie, or be tied up by your master or dom in this sexy X shaped tie up. Perfect for use with the ankle and wrist cuffs and S&M.

Kink For Twinks - Leather Hog Tie

Silicone Ball Gag w/ Black Ball Gag:

The silicone ball gag with black ball gag is perfect for those looking to be muted during sex and for those doms looking to suppress the whimpers of their subs. Great for roll playing, dom sub play, bondage, and restraining.  The soft silicone ball is comfortable and easily cleaned. Make your partner gimp out with this ball gag.

Kink For Twinks - Leather Ball Gag

Matching Paddle:

Into spanking or paddling but want to take it to the next level? The leather wrapped wooden paddle is the best bet for you. Play out your teacher student roll play session or simply show your sub or dom who is boss by spanking them into submission with this soft, but assertive paddle, perfect for swatting, spanking, paddling, and showing someone a lesson they won’t forget.

Kink For Twinks - Matching Paddle

These accessories and gear are not only fun in the bedroom, but some gear can be worn out to events, bars, and clubs too. Visit The Stockroom today for even more fun toys and gear to explore your kinks with.

Kink For Twinks

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