Pointure 46 Male Feet Calendar 2019

For all foot enthusiasts, Martin Dzhachkov’s new calendar of male feet, Pointure 46, is for you!

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This article was published on October 15th, 2018

Every single part of the male body is loved and adored by some. If you are a feet enthusiast, then you might want to check out the new calendar by the artist that made erections a new art form. Martin Dzhachkov, the visionary artist who created the coloring book of erect penises Knichki Pichki, is back with a calendar celebrating tootsies: Pointure 46.

Pointure 46 means size 46in French, and this luxury calendar represents a year’s worth of work capturing some of the most beautiful big men’s feet in the world. This collection of 13 images celebrates not only the fetish of foot adoration and worship, but the visual aesthetics and symmetry of male feet.

Each is done in black and white, and set in famous locations, such as the Concorde fountain in Paris, the Louvre, stairs in Rome, an abandoned morgue in Bulgaria, and the Aile Tower—to name a few—adding a certain noir fantasy aspect to every image. Every pair of feet is placed in statuesque positions to add further depth and dramatics to every image.

Pointure 46 Male Feet Calendar 2019Originally from Belgium, Dzhachkov is a Parisian painter, fashion designer, and artist sitting at the helm of his own fashion house, Dzhachov, since 2010. Identifying as part of the LGBT community, Dzhachov’s works often contain parts of or depict the male form. His cult classic following within the gay community stems from these and his coloring book of penises: Knichki Pichki.

From more than 6,000 images of male feet, Dzhachkov chose the 13 images and has produced this calendar as a limited edition—only 200 copies are available for purchase with their own individual number. Printed with a varnish finish on gloss paper, these high-quality calendars make an excellent gift to yourself or a friend who loves and adores the shape, size, and look of feet. This is definitely a calendar you won’t find in stores!

Available for calendar year 2019, you can get your extremely limited-edition copy of Pointure 46 male feet calendar online today.

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