7 Spooktacular Halloween Party Ideas

The ideas are infinite; you just have to be a bit original and actually love Halloween a lot.

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This article was published on October 18th, 2018

Double, double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble. Gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again. Not only are we excited for the best party of the year, but Halloween is also a sign that the festive season is about to start, and we can’t be more excited than that. But first – let us focus on the first of all the big parties, Halloween. Everyone loves Halloween, and as Cady Heron from Mean Girls would say, Halloween is the one night a year when girls (and gays) can dress like total sluts and no one can say anything about it. So, you want to organize a Halloween party but you’re out of ideas? Take a look at some very original ones and try them out this year.

Bloody Mary

  1. Black dinner party

Perhaps the least original idea, but still a good one though would be to host a dinner party where all the attendees will be wearing black. Black is an important color for Halloween, so making everything black is not only going to make things more interesting but spookier as well. If you opt to host this party in your own house, you can decorate accordingly – make black dishes and drinks; this can easily be done with a bit of artificial black food coloring. Use black plates and black napkins as well. This is not something that’s difficult to organize even though you might need time to find a black substitute for everything that you have in your apartment.

  1. Halloween party drinks

Since it’s a party, you might as well skip the “dinner” part and go straight to the booze instead. Bear in mind that Halloween is a holiday where you can get completely crazy with ideas, so if you’re about to organize a drinking party, make sure that you make Halloween party drinks such as such as Bloody Mary or Bloody Vampire. You can find a plethora of options online, you just need to get the drinks before the party and put on your Halloween mood. Be the Halloween Great Gatsby!

  1. Office Halloween party

Being the one to organize a company or office Halloween party is a great idea, as it’s not very common. Make sure to pass out the invitations beforehand, ask your boss if you can host your party in the office and decorate it accordingly. You can always ask for help from a couple of colleagues who are up for a challenge. If you’re serving up cocktails, check out Cocktail of the Week for great cocktail ideas.

  1. Haunted pub

If you’re feeling like organizing a great and unforgettable Halloween party, you can always go big and do that in a local pub. First of all, ask the owner of your favorite bar if you can host a party there – after all, people will be buying drinks there so they’re not losing any business. If everything goes according to the plan and they let you host your party there, you can decorate the pub as a haunted pub, which is very similar to organizing a haunted house party but it would be quite difficult to find and rent a haunted house, wouldn’t it?

  1. Serial killer party

If you’ve seen American Horror Story: Hotel, then you might remember the legendary Halloween party with all the dead serial killers. This can be an idea you can turn to reality with your friends – decide who’s who, put on your masks and there you go. There’s nothing spookier than dead serial killers, which means that this could be a great experience.

  1. Outdoor graveyard party

One perk that houses with yards have is that you can organize various events in your garden, and Halloween could be one of them. The biggest enemy of this idea, however, would be the weather, but if you check in advance and see that it’s going to be warm enough for people to be outside, you can opt for this idea. Making a barbeque party in your garden which will be decorated as a graveyard is a very original idea.

  1. Gayoween

And finally, you can always make a gay Halloween party and name it Gayoween. The gays will appreciate this a lot, especially because they will get to dress in the favorite gay Halloween masks and still maybe land a phone number or a boyfriend. You can choose the venue, or do the organizing with someone else as this is not an easy task.

Bloody Mary

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