The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta: It’s the Real Thing

The best way to see Atlanta is with CityPass and heading to awesome attractions including the World of Coca-Cola Experience.

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This article was published on October 28th, 2018

Over the decades, soda has solidified itself as many people’s favorite drinks. In terms of carbonated beverages, no other name stands out as supreme as Coca-Cola. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Coca-Cola has been more than a soda pop brand: it’s been a phenomenon that has shaped American culture and abroad with its innovative marketing, its individual style, and connection with happiness in pop culture. Now as one of the top attractions in Atlanta, drawing ten’s of thousands of people each year, you too can experience everything Coca-Cola at the World of Coca-Cola experience: It’s the real thing.

The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta: It’s the Real Thing

Coca-Cola is a carbonated soft drink that was originally created as medicine in the late 1880’s. In 1892, the Coca-Cola Company was created, beginning a soft drink empire throughout the 20thcentury. In the 1930’s Coca-Cola’s illustrated version of Santa Claus forever changed people’s imagery of what St. Nick looks like. Throughout its 130+ year history, Coca-Cola has stayed at the forefront of marketing and advertising, centering on happiness and joy in their media materials.

The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta: It’s the Real Thing

Now, you can explore the World of Coca-Cola through in-depth and informative interactive experiences when visiting Atlanta. Your visit starts off with a history tour of Coca-Cola, then goes on to a short video in the theatre. In the loft, you’ll get to see a museum’s worth of Coca-Cola artifacts. The 4D theater takes visitors on the hunt for the secret formula while the Perfect Pause Theater shows you some of the best Coca-Cola advertising throughout the years and globally. There’s the Coca-Cola portrait wall to see how Coca-Cola is helping communities all over the planet.

The pop culture gallery is an awesome interactive experience where guests get to see artists’ use of the soft drink in pop culture art. In the vault, you’ll learn about the secret recipe, and in the bottling works area, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at the entire bottling process. Take selfie pictures with the famous Coca-Cola Polar Bear or do a taste test of over 100 different Coca-Cola products sold on six continents. End your visit at the gift shop, where you can find all kinds of Coca-Cola memorabilia from pot-holders and salt-and-pepper shakers, to pajamas, purses, light fixtures, and t-shirts.

A great way to visit the World of Coca-Cola Experience and other Atlanta attractions is to get a CityPASS. With Atlanta CityPASS, you have the availability to see Atlanta’s best spots with a savings of 40%. You can mix and match different Atlanta attractions with the Atlanta CityPASS: the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coca-Cola, CNN Studio Tours, Zoo Atlanta, Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Center for Civil and Human Rights, or the College Football Hall of Fame.

The World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta: It’s the Real Thing

Atlanta is a great destination to visit with lots to see and do. As host of the 1992 Olympic Games, Atlanta has stadiums and structures commemorating the occasion. The Georgia Aquarium is a world class marine life habitat and center, housing thousands of sea creatures. There’s also CNN, and the Human Rights Museum, if you’re feeling political or inspired. There are several gay clubs around Cheshire Bridge in Midtown and Atlanta staple gay-friendly bars and restaurants including Blake’s on the Park, Henry’s, Jupiter, and TEN Atlanta. Atlanta Pride is an amazing fun-filled weekend in early October to put on your gay agenda! Check out for more information and to start planning your next visit to Atlanta.

Atlanta Pride Parade and Festiva

Grab an ice cold refreshing Coke and check out everyone’s favorite soft drink and awesome piece of Atlanta and history: The World of Coca-Cola Experience.

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