Voss Events Drag Brunch is sickening, sweetie!

Your wigs are going to be snatched when you go to the best bottomless mimosa fest in town: Voss Events Drag Brunch.

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This article was published on November 6th, 2018

Ladies and germs: hold onto your weaves, because you are cordially invited to the best brunch/lunch soiree in a city near you! If you think you know how to brunch, bitch: think again! There are brunches, there are drag brunches, and then there is VOSS Events Drag Brunch. There is a difference sweetie. VOSS Events Drag Brunch is the fiercest, the funniest, and the single best brunch special starring an all-star cast of the world’s best female impersonators.

If you thought that the key to a successful lunch time breakfast meeting was bottomless mimosas… you’d be right. Now mix in the hottest, bitchiest, most snatched queens around, and a put them together in exclusive locations around the country, and hunty you still have not a damned clue about just how sickening and extra of an experience VOSS Events Drag Brunch is. Held on Fire Island, in Manhattan, Las Vegas, and Miami, VOSS Drag Brunch is an absolute must when gaycationing in any of the these locales.

Voss Events Drag Brunch

VOSS Events popular drag brunch series happens in these cities across the United States and have become staples for homo and hetero holidayers. With these queens, you’re in for a show that is caddy, fun, and bitchy, just like the drag queens. And VOSS doesn’t just serve you slop on a plate: VOSS Events Drag Brunch has world-class chefs create gorgeous meals for attendees to soak up all that delicious mimosa or Bloody Mary that you’re slinging back in attempts to hair of the dog your hangover away.

Voss Events Drag Brunch

Previous stars of VOSS Events Drag Brunch have included Bianca del Rio, Shangela, Delta Work, Kameron Michaels, Raven, Violet Chachki, Latrice Royale, and many more of the most famous and fabulous drag queens around. You don’t want to miss the most hilarious and zany brunch you’ve ever been to.

Voss Events Drag Brunch

A constant ally of the LGBT community, VOSS Events produces multiple LGBT-themed tours, events, productions, and shows, including RuPaul’s Drag Race Werq the World Tour, Queen of the Ride, Christmas Queens, and of course: Drag Brunch.

Get your tickets to Voss Events Drag Brunch today!

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