The amazing health benefits of sex

There are many great health benefits of sex, by yourself or with others!

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This article was published on November 15th, 2018

The amazing health benefits of sexThere is no need to justify your Samantha Jones-ing, whorish sex life to your friends. There are several health benefits to having sex on a regular basis. As long as you are using protection like condoms and PrEP, and get tested regularly, it is in fact healthier to sustain an active sex life, than not. Here are some of the health benefits to sex, by yourself or with others!

The exercise. One single round of nooky can burn as much as 500 calories. Sex is a great cardio workout: good for your heart, metabolism, and digestion.

You reduce chances of having heart problems, diseases, and cancers with regular cardio sex workouts on top of your daily routine.

An active sex life helps reduce blood pressure, further reducing your chances for heart and circulatory issues.

The stress relief. Studies show sex can relieve anxiety and reduce stress by as much as 25% with an active sex life. Kiss your worries goodbye by having more sex!

Prostate cancer be damned! Studies have shown that men who ejaculate with more frequency have less of a chance of developing prostate cancer.

A big variable of our health lies in how we sleep. Having sex helps you get a better night sleep. An orgasm releases melatonin and prolactin in the brain for a deeper, more relaxed rest.

An active sex life boosts your immune system. You’ll get sick less the more you have (protected) sex and orgasms.

The happiness factor. Sex releases chemicals into your brain, including serotonin, that increase your overall happiness and well-being. Want to be happier and feel better about yourself? Get laid!

Orgasms = pain reduction. Help cure a hangover, headache, sores, and pains. Sex and orgasms are natural pain blockers.

You’ll live longer. Researchers have concluded that people who have an active sex life live longer than their peers without an active sex life. Living longer means having more sex!

If you needed a further reason to get it on and get off, here is your golden opportunity: A healthy sex life translates out to a healthier, happier you. Period. So, go play with yourself or shack up with someone to improve your health today! Just remember to play safe!

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