Step into the norm with the new Google Pixel 3

Up your selfie game to new levels of extra with the Google Pixel 3.

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This article was published on November 20th, 2018

Let’s be real: with all of the smart phones out there, it’s becoming increasingly hard to determine which mobile device is best for you. Each has their own distinct operating system and key features that make it stand alone and apart from the other smart devices.

While the iPhone may have been the go-to phone choice for folks in the past, there is a new mobile smart device kid on the block making heads turn and upping that selfie game to all new levels of extra. The Google Pixel 3 is slaying all the competition when it comes to the best camera smart phone on the market. Up your selfie game to new levels of extra with the Google Pixel 3.

Selfies taken on Google Pixel 3 (click to see larger photo)

Google Pixel 3In the age of Instagram, everyone can look like a model with the right lighting, the right filter, and the best camera on the market. The Google Pixel 3 ups the competition in the photography department hands down, with excellent front and back cameras to capture each and every moment with an amazing accuracy and clarity. No other smart phone on the market has the bells and whistles that the Google Pixel does.

The Google Pixel 3 has a big bold gorgeous 5.5 inch display screen for absolute visual entertainment. The Google Pixel 3 uses the Android IOS, and can store as much as 64 GB of information on the hard drive alone. With a 2.5 GHZ octa-core professor and a 4GB RAM, the Google Pixel 3 is faster and can download processed information faster than its competition.

Get ready for the sweet spot: the Google Pixel 3 has a front camera 8 megapixel camera, instantly allowing users to up that selfie game. Think that’s impressive? The rear facing camera boasts a cray 12.2 megapixel camera. The result is insane clear pics with as much as 1080 x 2160 Pixel photo resolution. This translates out to the Google Pixel 3 having the best possible photo qualities on the market of any smart device.

Google Pixel 3

Another awesome feature about the Google Pixel 3 is the index finger unlock. It’s located on the back of the Pixel, right where you would ergonomically expect it to be when you pick up and grip your phone. This keeps your phone secure, but allows you quick and easy access to get right to business and fun on your Google Pixel 3.

Google Pixel 3

The battery life on the Google Pixel 3 is also amazing. It last way longer than an iPhone. This means when you’re out on day adventures, travelling to your next destination, chatting on Grindr with hot guys, or taking insanely cool selfies, you don’t have to worry about your device running low on battery or going completely dead.

Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel Stand

When it comes to productivity, the Google Pixel Stand is essential. Not only is it a handy stand to rest your phone, but it is multi-functional. It is a sensory-touch battery charger. Yup – as soon as you place your Pixel 3 on the stand, it automatically charges (stand must be plugged in for this feature to work). You can continue to use your device too – sending emails, texting with friends, tweaking and posting those important selfies, and even video calling!

Google Pixel 3 Case

There are also some great accessories you can get with your Google Pixel 3. The Google Pixel 3 cases are fantastic because they not only protect your phone from scratches, cracks, and other normal wear-and-tear of daily life, but they are also really nice. Cases are essential for smart devices. The Google cases are comfortable to grip, and go into pockets easy enough to be convenience, but not easy enough that they will slide out of your pocket.

Google Pixel 3

All your friends and followers will feel like they’re with you wherever you go with every shot. If you’re in the market for a new phone but as sick of the same old same old, check out and get your very own the new Google Pixel 3. If you’re looking to be the king of selfies with the best photos around, look at the Google Pixel 3. You’re the gay man on the go and need immaculate shots whenever you’re out living your best life? It’s time to get the Google Pixel 3 now. Stray from the norm and get the best smart device  available.

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