The ultimate travel packing checklist for gay men

A printable checklist to help ensure you've packed all the essentials before you head out the door.

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This article was published on November 25th, 2018

If you’re going away on vacation, an extended holiday, or simply getting out of the city for the weekend, you don’t wanna be caught without the essentials. Sure, there’s always a few pairs of shoes, two pairs of jeans, a nice dress shirt and jacket—you get the point of a standard man’s travel packing. For gay men, having a jet setter checklist you can use every time you voyage will save you time, stress, and energy. What you need is a simple travel packing inventory for the everyday gay man on the go. Here is the gay man’s essential packing guide:

  1. Condoms. Let’s go straight to the gay jugular: you’re going to want to have sex while away, so make sure you stay protected. Condoms are more than 90% effective against spreading STIs.
  2. And don’t forget your PrEP. You need to be taking this little blue pill on the daily for 100% effectiveness, and why not give yourself that extra boost in protection by bringing enough to guarantee you’ve got your days (and your ass) covered. Don’t forget other medications that you take on the reg!
  3. A douche kit. Whatever your flavor, most gay sex can’t go down without a proper cleaning out. Whether you want to bottom with total confidence or get rimmed or just feel better knowing that each can always be an option. It’s better to come prepared than not.
  4. Lube. Having a proper bottle of lubricant with you aids in the douching process and means you don’t have to rely solely on spit during sex.
  5. The full dental care package. Bad breath is the worst and good dental hygiene is a sign of a healthy person. Put your best foot forward by packing a nice kit of your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss or dental pick flossers, and mouthwash.
  6. Hair product. Tame that mane with whatever you prefer to use to keep your hair from looking like you licked an electric socket.
  7. Speaking of hair, a decent set of hair clippers or a nice razor is always a good thing to keep facial and body hair at bay. Manscaping for a lot of guys is essential even while away.
  8. Moisturizer. While it can sometimes double for lube, hair product, and shaving cream if you are out of any of the three, having a good moisturizer for your face and body helps your skin stay hydrated and look younger.
  9. Sunscreen. Also an essential, it’s important to use sunscreen on your face every time you leave the house, and especially if you’re going on vacation. If you’re outside for more than an hour or so, you need to be wearing sunscreen. 
  10. A sexy pair of underwear (or 7). It always pays to pack a hot jockstrap that makes your ass look banging or an undergarment that just makes you feel sexy. Sexy underwear is like a dirty little secret that no one else knows about but you, until you choose to disclose it. If you feel sexy, you’ll give off more self confidence. And that is really sexy.

Download the free HomoCulture travel packing checklist to help ensure you’ve packed all the essentials before you head out the door.

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