Perfect wine pairing for a holiday dinner party

Here is how to select that perfect bottle of wine for a holiday dinner party.

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This article was published on November 26th, 2018

Showered? Check. Underwear, pants, socks? Check. Dress shirt? Check. Good mood? Check. Gift for the hostess or host? Check. That perfect bottle of wine to bring for a holiday dinner party??? Knowing which alcoholic bottle of crushed grapes to bring to a dinner party that would be the perfect match isn’t easy. There’s actually an art and some science that goes into selecting that bottle of wine that will best match your evening meal. Here is how to select that perfect bottle of wine for a dinner party, brought to you by our dear friends at Barefoot Wine.

First, find out what is on the menu. Red wines typically go better with red meats like beef, venison, and hardier entrees. White wines pair better with fish, white pastas, vegetarian dishes, and lighter main courses like turkey or chicken. If you’ve absolutely no clue about wines, this is a decent indicator of what you can buy to accompany the entrée. Barefoot makes extraordinary reds, whites, and everything in between.

Next, take the occasion into account. A daytime garden party in the sun mightn’t be the best time and place for a red wine, even if beef is the entrée. Sparkling wine and Barefoot’s large assortment of bubbly (sparkling wines) are more for celebratory occasions. Choose wisely, Indiana Jones, for your next dinner party based on occasion, if nothing else.

Once you know the menu and the occasion, it’s time to start getting a little adventurous with your wine choice. While Barefoot offers virtually every single gorgeous type of wine under the sun, so find an option right for you based on the information above. Having orange chicken at a backyard, daytime event? Try Barefoot’s Bubbly Pineapple, the Sweet White Spritzer, or even a lovely rose. Evening dinner party of elegance with seafood? Try Barefoot’s full-bodied chardonnay or pinot grigio.

Choose mild over bold. You’re going to have a lot more fans of your specific wine choice if you keep the flavor of the wine milder than not. Full-bodied wines are great for specific situations when you know your crowd likes that kind of thing. Milder wines from Barefoot like a good zinfandel, pinot noir, and sauvignon blanc might be safer options to appease more folks than not. So, know your guests wine preference first, and that might help you decide between selections.

Perfect wine pairing for a holiday dinner party

Barefoot Wine is an outstanding vintner based in California. Known for making delicious wines across the spectrum, Barefoot Wines are priced fairly so that anyone can afford a bottle without breaking your bank. To really know which is the best wine to bring to a dinner party, Barefoot even has a pairing feature on their website to help you make the best choice of which wine to bring. If you are absolutely clueless in choosing a wine for your next dinner party, Barefoot Wine, the philanthropic wine maker, is here to take away your hesitation and provide you with delicious wines.

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