Wine tasting like a pro

Barefoot Wines is ready to help you start wine tasting like a pro!

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This article was published on December 3rd, 2018

If you don’t know the first thing about wine other than you like to drink it, have no fear! One of the best ways you can educate yourself about the liquid of the gods is by tasting wine and trying different varieties. If you are new to wine and don’t know your head from a wine barrel about wine tasting, Barefoot Wines is ready to help you start wine tasting like a pro!

Wine tasting like a pro

First, start with a clear wine glass. What many don’t realize is that wine needs to be seen and smelled just as much as is it needs tasting, so you’ll need a transparent wineglass. Pick a type of wine you have tried and liked. You can expand your tastes a bit by trying different whites, for instance, if that is your preference. A good mellow white like Barefoot’s Sauvignon Blanc is medium bodied wine to begin with if you are unfamiliar with different grape varieties, that can lead you to trying other types of white grape wines.

Next, open your bottle of wine. Red wines, especially, need a few minutes to breathe. Pour about one finger’s width worth of wine into your glass and give it moment to settle. You’ll want to then hold the glass with wine up to a light or up against a light back drop to really be able to take in the opacity and color of the wine. You’ll notice varying differences in types of wines. Barefoot’s pinot oir is so deep red that it is almost a burgundy color versus merlot by Barefoot is more of a deep true blood red.

Sediment can often settle at the bottom of a wine glass. Give your glass a light swirl in a circular motion to mix it up a bit. A few second will suffice. This will also help aerate the wine. You’ve seen it, now it’s time to smell it. Put the glass up to your face with the tip of your nose inside the glass. through your nose and let it fill your nostrils with its scent.

Earthy, oaky, fruity, woodsy, sharp are all adjectives used to describe different types of wines, depending on the hints of flavor and scents the grapes bring out. Take a deep breath of some gorgeous Barefoot chardonnay, for example, and you’ll get rich and sweet hints of vanilla and apple.

You’re ready for the grand finale. Slowly, bring the glass of wine to your lips and take a small sip of wine. Let it enter your mouth and fill it with its flavor and taste. If you’re going to be tasting a bunch of wine, say on a wine tour, you might want to expectorate by spitting out the sip. Otherwise, let it envelop your palate and go down the hatch. Enjoy the refreshing bubbly of Barefoot prosecco or Barefoot’s own sangria—whatever your choice, really let the notes of the wine infiltrate your mouth.

The great thing about wine is any type can be tasted and enjoyed in virtually any setting. Barefoot Wine has a wine type for every occasion, especially over the holiday’s, and a huge variety to choose from, all at price points, making them approachable and affordable. Now that you know how to taste wine like a pro, you can wine taste at a vineyard or from your own home like a professional. Grab a glass, pop a cork of some delicious Barefoot, and start tasting!


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