10 delicious and decadent Barefoot Wine and food pairings

Here are the 10 best food and Barefoot wine pairings that might possibly change your life.

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This article was published on December 17th, 2018

If you’ve got a basic knowledge of combining wine with food, you can start pairing great combinations to really help bring out all the flavors of your dinner. There are some extraordinary wine pairings, and Barefoot Wine is the best wine to bring together with select entrees and dishes. Here are the 10 best food and Barefoot wine pairings that might possibly change your life.

10 delicious and decadent Barefoot Wine and food pairings

  • Who doesn’t love a good thick hamburger? A juicy and delicious slab of minced meat on a bun is delicately paired with Barefoot’s Merlot to create the perfect match. The tannins in Barefoot Merlot help bring out the rich flavors of the burger, while enriching the palate with its full-bodied rich red wine notes.
  • That salmon dish or fatty fish entrée will go very well with Barefoot’s dry Chardonnay. This white wine is silky, smooth, and will bring out the richness of a fish with a thicker, denser sauce.
  • Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with red meats, but exceedingly well with lamb. A great holiday season combination, Cabernet will bring out the flavors of the lamb without overpowering the rich flavors of the wine and your main course.
  • Got something tangy or with a zesty sauce? Sauvignon Blanc is the way to go and Barefoot’s Sauvignon Blanc is a double gold medal winner. The mellowness of the Sauvignon Blanc won’t overshadow a shrimp dish with citrus sauce, for instance. Try shrimp scampi or scallops with a Sauvignon Blanc from Barefoot for a wine pairing treat.
  • If you’re needing a sodium fix, try pairing saltier dishes with sparkling wine. A batch of caviar or a prosciutto dish would match great with Barefoot’s Bubbly sparkling wines. Prosciutto and bubbly wine are an elegant match made in heaven.
  • Riesling is known for being one of the sweeter white wine, and Barefoot’s Riesling is no exception. Match Barefoot Riesling with a gorgeous duck dish. You’ll relish this rich pairing from Barefoot that serves as an excellent pairing of wine and cuisine.
  • A good steak or prime rib is going to be great with Barefoot’s Pinot Noir. This medium balanced wine will bring out the richness of the beef, and the tannins in the wine will accentuate the flavors used to season it.
  • A nice Pinot Grigio from Barefoot will do just nicely with a rich, creamy pasta and sauce. You can’t go wrong with this light bodied white wine, which will highlight the pasta’s savory attributes. Try a nice chicken alfredo or creamed mushroom pasta dish with Pinot Grigio.
  • Rose has become a standard feature at brunches and garden parties and for good reason. Barefoot’s big collection of pink wines pair well with light salad dishes. But for a truly scrumptious pair, eat a light rice dish like risotto with Barefoot’s Rose and you cannot go wrong.
  • You’ll score yourself a victory with Barefoot’s delicious Malbec red wine paired with anything pork. With softer tannins than its seven red wine alternatives from Barefoot, Malbec matches better with leaner meats like pork, chicken, or turkey. Try a baked pork chop with some Malbec for the ultimate palatable and succulent pairing.

With more than 30 varieties to choose from, you can try your own perfect food pairings with Barefoot wine. Let us know in the comments below what Barefoot wine pairings you fancy!

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