How to get a good night sleep when travelling

Five tips for getting a good night’s sleep when you are on the road.

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This article was published on December 23rd, 2018

You can have the best possible trip planned, with everything mapped out, thought out, and all your necessities packed. But a good night’s sleep is the best ingredient to a successful time away from home. Your body needs rejuvenation more than ever when you’re gone from your house and apart from your normal life. Sleeping successfully is key to any good journey, and you’ll want to do what you can to make sure your body is ready for action while away. Here are five tips for getting a good night’s sleep when you are on the road.

Get physical. The more you work your body out, the more energy you expel. The more energy output that you have, the more rest your body is going to require to recuperate. Don’t work out too close to bedtime, as that can keep your brain wired and alert when you’re ready to hit the hay. Being active throughout your day and keeping up with your weekly workout regimen while on the road will keep you on a similar sleeping schedule as to when you’re at home.

Don’t let food, drink, or alcohol keep you awake. Eating too late can add complications when you sleep, like restlessness and nightmares. Eating too little and or hours and hours before you go to bed can leave your stomach growing with pains. Eating sweet desserts consuming caffeinated beverages life coffee, soda, tea, chocolate, etc. can prevent you from falling asleep. Do drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Pack sleep necessities to help you rest soundly. Ear plugs drown out sound and unwanted noises that may prevent you from resting effectively. A comfortable eye mask that fits over your face can shut out unnecessary light from keeping you from sleeping. Comfy, loose fitting clothes that are warm are great. Bring a fan if you sleep with one or need a constant white noise/

Go all natural if you need help sleeping. Though it’s not recommended to take sleeping pills and pharmaceuticals all the time, there are some natural tools that can help give you the slumber you need while you are on the road. Melatonin is a natural supplement that can be taken daily for aiding in sleep. Drinking teas like chamomile can help with a more restful night.

Set up your sleeping conditions to as closely resemble your home life as possible. Do what it takes to personalize the space as much as you can. Act on what you know needs to be done in order to get you the best sleep possible. Setting the atmosphere to your liking will calm you and make it more likely you’ll achieve a complete restful slumber.

It is important to keep up with your sleep while you are on the road to avoid fatigue and potential illness from a lack of proper rest. It’s ok to take the time to yourself to give your mind and body the R&R and TLC it needs to get up and do it all again the next day. Study after study show that getting a good night’s sleep leads to better health of an individual. Even when on the road, sleep is an essential part of life.

How to get a good night sleep when travelling


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