The 2019 Ford Edge Titanium is the every (gay) man’s SUV

Check out the 2019 Ford Edge Titanium at a Ford dealership near you.

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This article was published on December 26th, 2018

Gay men like a lot of power, mixed with style and sophistication with the car they drive. The all new 2019 Ford Edge Titanium is jam-packed with technology, luxury, and safety features. It is a fantastic vehicle for sporty gays who are active and want to make a statement, while enjoying total modern comforts in the car they drive. Check out the 2019 Ford Edge Titanium at a Ford store near you. 

The 2019 Ford Edge Titanium is the every (gay) man’s SUV

The new 2019 Ford Edge Titanium is leading other SUV manufacturers by designing and producing the newest incarnation of the Edge Titanium more sleek, compact, and aerodynamic than ever before. These features equate to better visibility and fuel efficiency. The new body on the Edge Titanium is narrower, and it is lower to the ground. This helps make the vehicle maintain faster and safer cornering, especially on highways and mountain roads. The sleek and fast-moving lines on the Edge Titanium gives a sporty feel with little blind spots. 

The 2019 Ford Edge Titanium is the every (gay) man’s SUV

The new Edge Titanium boasts a huge panoramic sunroof/ moon roof for driving underneath the sun and the stars. Top of the line leather seats throughout the interior mean the finest in comforts for yourself and your passengers. Electric adjustable, heated seats with lumbar support provide exceptional comfort in the front row of the 2019 Ford Edge Titanium. With plenty passenger seat room in the back and ample cargo room in the rear, you’ll be able to bring a car full of people and their luggage on the weekend getaway.

The 2019 Ford Edge Titanium is the every (gay) man’s SUV

Inside you’ll find heaps of modern technological advances to keep you occupied for a while. There is Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone for calls, music, GPS navigation, and syncing your life to your vehicle while you’re on the go. The 2019 Ford Edge Titanium has a LCD touchscreen navigation for clear, easy connectivity to all your vehicle’s features. A rear backup camera helps you safely parallel park and reverse. The 2019 Ford Edge Titanium comes equipped with Apple Car Play and the newly upgraded stereo with amazing sound quality and base, will provide you with the best listening enjoyment. Stay charged while on the road with the 12 volt plug in the middle console of the Fore Edge Titanium with 2 USB plugs in the forward console. For your passenger’s enjoyment, there are 2 LCD screens in the rear seats, complete with a remote control and wireless headsets.

The 2019 Ford Edge Titanium is the every (gay) man’s SUV

For driver comfort, there is a digital dashboard with informative vehicle settings and alerts. For safety and efficiency, the 2019 Ford Edge Titanium is equipped with driver assistance services including parallel parking, crash warnings, lane control, and more. The 2019 Ford Edge Titanium also comes upgraded with Eco-boost – which is great for city or highway driving to maximize fuel economy. Everything is within your grasp with the Edge Titanium’s steering wheel controls – volume, your telephone, entertainment, cruise control, and more. The Edge Titanium has a dial-turn, automatic transmission with push-start, keyless ignition and keyless entry. Just click the key fob for easy access to your new vehicle 

The 2019 Ford Edge Titanium is the every (gay) man’s SUV

In the new year, you’ll want a new ride that fits all of your needs. Easy to drive in the city, especially on narrow roads or while parallel parking, the 2019 Ford Edge Titanium has great fuel economy on top of being equipped with some of the best features available on a luxury car today. When it comes time to upgrade your vehicle or if you are in the market for a top of the line car with everything included, then head to your nearest Ford store and take the 2019 Ford Edge Titanium for a test-drive today.

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