6 ways to protect your skin while travelling

Protect your skin the best way you can while traveling with these 6 simple skincare TLC tips.

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This article was published on December 29th, 2018

Honey, if you are truly looking for a foreign husband while you’re on holiday or just trying to look good for all the keepsake photos of your exploits abroad, you’ll want to protect your skin and it right. Don’t get lazy: Your skin care regime shouldn’t cease while you’re away. Protect your skin the best way you can while traveling with these 6 simple skincare TLC tips.

  1. Keep up with your daily skincare routine.Do as you would at home while you are abroad or on gaycation. Don’t avoid your daily skincare regimen. Continue to keep giving your skin the same love and adoration you pay it at home. Make that extra little bit of time every day to continue the skin self-love. 
  • Hydrate.There’s a tendency when traveling to not drink enough—water, that is. Whether it’s from worrying about the local supply, the fear of needing to pay while on walkabout in a foreign place, or just consuming nothing but alcohol, the best way to sustain good skin while on holiday is by drinking of plenty of water. Stay thirsty, friends. 
  • Pack the moisturizer. There’s a travel size for nearly everything, so don’t forget to throw in some good hydrating therapy lotion for your face and body. You never know when you’re going to be thrust into a climate that your body and skin isn’t used to.  So, be prepared with a bit of cream tucked away in your luggage. 
  • Don’t skimp on the sunscreen.The sun can be very damaging to skin. Though we need vitamin D, there is a supplement for that, and our daily dosage can be obtained from spending not too much time beneath me sunshine. Cover up with clothes, hats, and using plenty of sunscreen to prevent getting a sunburn. Wrinkling and premature aging are often direct results of too much sun exposure. 
  • Don’t fall off your diet wagon while away. Eating right and healthy leads to smoother, more naturally healthy-looking skin. Don’t throw away all your hard work by eating poorly on vacation. You can eat healthy while you travel. Take in as much lean proteins and green vegetables as you want—just avoid high fatty foods and the sweets department. Your skin will thank you for it. 
  • Keep that blood pumping by getting plenty of exercise. Don’t miss gym visits while on holiday. Even your skin suffers when you skip vacation working out. A sped-up metabolism helps replenish dead skin cells with new ones. Proper circulation from an increased heart rate due to physical activity leads to clearer, healthier looking skin. Making your muscles bigger while keeping your skin in pristine condition will make you look and feel even better. 

When you travel you don’t have to let yourself and your beautiful skin go by the wayside. By giving your skin just a little bit of some of the above tender loving care above, you’ll be putting your best foot, and face,  forward. 

6 ways to protect your skin while travelling

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