7 ways to gain self-confidence through self-respect

Self-confidence is something you work on while learning to whole heartedly respect yourself.

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This article was published on January 3rd, 2019

If you’ve ever looked at a friend, family member, or peer that beams with self-confidence and assertiveness and wonder how in the hell they do it, you aren’t alone. Not everyone has kissed the Blarney Stone. Self-confidence comes from having gained a level of respect for yourself, and getting to that level can often take a lot of work, patience, and love for everything you stand for and are as a unique individual. You can take little steps to help increase your self-awareness, self-respect, and self-confidence.

  1. Start off your day right.Make your bed every morning. Eat a sensible breakfast. Get in daily exercise to really kick start your metabolism. Studies show that those who have productive morning tend to have better self-confidence and respect for themselves.
  2. Dress to impress…yourself.Put on clothes each and every day that you feel good in. If you don’t have any clothes that you love the way you look in, it’s time to go shopping to up the ante and make you proud of the way you look. The better that you feel you look, the more you project to the world an air of happiness and self-confidence.
  3. Make some lists, check them twice, and create a vision board while you’re at it. Not everyone knows what they want with this life and the mark they want to leave. Lists of things you want to achieve and a vision board can help you visualize your dreams and desires to late physically manifest them in your real life. Knowing a plan of action will help increase the confidence you have in yourself knowing the direction you want to be going.
  4. Make a new series of lists about your past. Jot down what have been some of your life’s biggest accomplishments. Make a list of some of the incredible things you have done or have experienced. Determine your strengths as an adult individual. Write those down, too. Everyone has a detailed past. Embrace yours. Own yours. And realize that you are the person you are now due to everything that you have been through.
  5. Let go of the fear of the unknown and what you cannot control. If you’ve ever faced a fear head on, only to realize after that what you were afraid of was irrational or easily overcome, then you actually gain self-confidence in knowing that you can beat something you were once too scared to try. Good leaders aren’t afraid of much, even if it means making a mistake in front of everyone.
  6. It’s ok to not always be on you’re A-game or to falter. We are all human and all make mistakes. Once you realize that everyone is pretty much on the same playing field and that no one is perfect, you gain a level of respect for yourself in knowing that it is your differences and lessons you’ve learned from trial and error that have shaped you into the person you are.
  7. Look no further than yourself for guidance.Our greatest allies and assets are our instincts. Trust in your experiences, beliefs, and knowledge of situations past to guide you along the way. Believing in yourself is key to gaining self-confidence through self-respect. You are one strong, bad-assed individual who brings their own unique deck of life cards and experiences to the table. 

Now that deserves some respect from yourself. And everyone else. Own your uniqueness and never be shy ashamed to be your true, original self.

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