5 ways to get verbal (sex)

Speak up and get vocal with some verbal sex tips.

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This article was published on January 9th, 2019

In the bedroom, too many gay men are afraid to unleash the beast and let their inner kinky slut cum out to play. You don’t have to be Samantha Jones, but you don’t have to be so vanilla when it comes to sex. Instead of hiding from them, it’s time to own up to your passions and interests. You don’t have to necessarily be aggressive about being verbal—just assertive. Be proud of the fetishes that turn you on. Don’t get loud; get verbal! Being verbal in bed can take sex to a whole new level. Turn your partner on with these 5 days to get verbal (sex). 

  1. Don’t be nervous.Owning up to your sexual proclivities takes time and faith in your partner that they’ll be able to handle this wilder side of you. Wait before you get verbal with your man until you are comfortable enough to let go a bit and open up to your sex partner, verbally. Vocalizing your sexual interests to your guy—letting them know what turns you own—is a very normal practice of healthy sexual partners. So, speak up!
  • Let your passions run wildand freely from your lips to god’s ears. Be considerate of your partner, but don’t retain a level of fear and hold back: let it all out when wanting to own up to be a more verbal player in the bedroom. You don’t have to shout your obsessions from the roof tops but be vocal about wanting to be verbal during sexual intimacy. Or just start slipping verbal talk into your sex routine.
  • Be open about what it is you want.Don’t let dirty talk dissuade you from vocalizing your interests. Holding back can lead to resentment, for yourself and your man. So, be true to your partner with what it is that you want. Honesty is the best verbal policy. Even if it embarrasses you, embrace your kinks and communicate these interests to your partner. Your sex life will thank you for it.
  • Give direction and take the lead.Be the one to take the reigns and orchestrate how the sex is going to go. Steer the sexual ship in the direction you want to take your freaking was for the evening. Know your role and roll with it. Once all your sex cards are on the table, it’s up to you to communicate how you’d like to proceed. You’ll be the ultimate verbal master in no time. 
  • Go slow with the verbal at first, before taking things to the extreme. Your partner mightn’t be totally ready for this new unhindered you, so take the vocalized sex talk despacito to then build up to being completely verbal with him. When you’re ready and he’s ready, you’ll take your sex life to a new level with you assertive honesty. You can always start small with verbalized interests and moans here and there, which would then lead into vocalizing everything that turns you on. 

Don’t be afraid to speak up to your sex partner and get verbal with them—in the sexy way. Don’t get mad. Don’t get sad. Don’t get blue balls. Get verbal. Verbal sex is the best sex. So express yourself!

5 ways to get verbal (sex)
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