How to be a healthier gay man in 2019

Follow these five steps will definitely get you where you want to be in 2019.

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This article was published on January 12th, 2019

Basically, the time has come again during which we give false promises to ourselves, starting from our resolutions of hitting the gym regularly, finding The One to spend our lives with, to the ones that are seemingly unimportant such as to read more. It happens more often than not that we start dropping those New Year’s resolutions in January, and come February, we’re back to our old ways. But let’s make a promise that 2019 will be different and that we will stick to everything that we promised to ourselves! Today, we’re focusing on health, as it’s the most important segment, so if you want to jump together on that health bandwagon this is how to do it:

Say no to negativity

Negativity is a very common thing among the members of the LGBT community, mostly because of the amount of bullying that they are still experiencing, even though it’s 2019. However, what you can do, as an individual, is ask for help from professionals, your friends and everyone around you; it’s time we stopped feeling bad about who we are and trying to meet other people’s expectations. Sure, we cannot always be happy, but you need to know that negativity affects our health, both mentally and physically. So, next time you’re feeling blue try to remember all the positive aspects of your life. In order to make this easier, you can always have a list of things that make you happy in front of you and read it out loud when you feel the need to.

Stick to your exercise routine

This is something that we already know by heart – every beginning of the New Year we promise ourselves that we will stick to our exercising routine, so why would 2019 be different? The most important that you can do at the moment is stop forcing yourself to exercise. Going to the gym is not the only way of working out, so you can find the perfect routine for you. If you like dancing, feel free to sign up for dance classes. If, on the other hand, you like jogging, why not wake up a bit earlier three times a week and hit the track?

Make use of the accessories

Next up, see if there are certain things that you can fix about your body and make use of the accessories. For example, if you think that your sight is a bit poorer than before, go to the doctor and let them prescribe you nice glasses. Wearing them can be very fashionable at the moment; you just need to find popular glasses frames that suit the shape of your face. Moreover, if you need braces, why not? This is also something that can look quite cute on a person, and you will definitely like the result. Don’t run from these things; embrace them and pull them off!

Commit to a better diet

We’re not going to tell you to cut down on the junk food that you like oh so very much. After all, is there a better post-sex food than a greasy pizza? Probably not – so we won’t actually forbid ourselves to have a slice, two or three. However, what we can do is try and incorporate healthier meals whenever we have the chance to and cleanse as much as we can. Drinking a green smoothie from vegetables once we wake up, eating a lot of fruit in between meals and opting for a salad on evenings when we don’t have dates seems like a good starting point.


If you’re a monogamist or you’re simply tired of meeting different guys to get a taste of that peach – don’t worry, it’s perfectly fine. You have your hand that will do the job, and not only does it feel good and definitely lower the risk of an STD or HIV, it’s also quite healthy. Orgasms release oxytocin, which is a mood booster, so if you don’t have anyone to gift you with an orgasm, or you simply don’t want anyone at the moment, you can do this to yourself. This means that masturbation is a great antidepressant that you always have by your side!

Following these five steps will definitely get you where you want to be in 2019 – at least health-wise. So why not at least try them out and see the difference for yourself?

How to be a healthier gay man in 2019

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