Let’s get this baby shower party started

With baby showers it’s the little details that make or break it.

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This article was published on January 15th, 2019

From birthday’s to brunch, housewarmings to Halloween, gay men know how to throw a great party. Hosting a baby shower is a big responsibility. Especially if it’s for your best girl-friend, sister, favorite cousin who is expecting, or your best gay friends who are adopting. Here are the important things you need to know, and plan for, when you take on hosting the perfect baby shower. Now let’s get this baby shower party started!

Let’s get this baby shower party started

First you need to find a good venue.  Most baby showers tend to be at people’s houses.  You can also do party rooms in condo buildings or hotel rooms.  Mom’s will often bring their kids so make sure the place is kid safe, and you have plans for kids’ activities.  Wherever the venue ends up being scope it out in advance. You’ll be able to determine how much seating there is, what type of decorations are possible, and whether it is safe for kids. Always have a plan for where to prepare food and drinks, and where it will be served.

Party supplies are easy to order online or find at local party supply stores. You’ll need plates, napkins, cups, cutlery and decorations. Sometimes people provide little gift bag party favours. The tide is turning on gender norms though, so it may be best to avoid the pink or blue theme even if you know the gender of the baby.  There are lots of amazing do it yourself decoration ideas all over the internet. One really cute idea is cutting out blue water drops from construction paper and tying them to the string of white helium balloons. You create a cloud and shower decoration for very cheap and easy.  If the shower is also a gender reveal party, you’ll have to plan the reveal with the mom to be. Whether it be a piñata, balloon pop, or any other way it’s best to sort these details our well in advance.

Let’s get this baby shower party started

Food is one of the most important part of any type of party.  Most baby showers are early to mid-afternoon and just a few hours. Having some small bite size handheld food usually makes the most sense.  You can go super traditional and do scones with jam and cucumber sandwiches. You can do some salads, fruit skewers, or even small canapes. If you buy puff pastry you can easily roll it out into bite sized pieces and put fillings like caramelized onion and mushroom, or crab and artichoke. Simply find an easy recipe online and form the pastry into small cupcake tins to give it some shape, fill them and bake.  As always it is important to have snacks that everyone can eat. Get a list of the people and their dietary concerns ahead of time.  

A menu could look like:

  • Fruit skewers
  • Cucumber sandwiches
  • Salmon sandwiches
  • Carmelized onion puff
  • Crap puff
  • Lemon cookies
Let’s get this baby shower party started

Drinks are equally important. The mom to be and the kids can’t drink alcohol so make up a nice punch. Lemon juice, mint, simple syrup and soda water makes a great refreshing lemonade. Make a few pitchers or a large stand up drink dispenser if you have it or put the ingredients into containers so you can assemble quickly if you run out.  Serve one alcoholic drink, like mimosas or sangria,;something easy to drink that can be made in bulk.

There are a few other details that can really make the party special. Ask the mom if she needs help with the baby shower registry, or letting people know the items she needs for the baby.  Have a couple easy to facilitate games. Guess the baby weight and due date is a classic. You can also buy string and have people guess the size of mommies baby bump by cutting a length, the closest to her true size wins a small prize.  One really amazing detail is to have a polaroid camera to take pictures of each guest and glue them to a page in a notebook with nice blank paper.  Have each person write advice to the baby for when they turn 18. The mom and dad can give the book to the baby as a graduation gift, with life advice from the past.

With baby showers it’s the little details that make or break it. Go wild or keep it simple, but if you have good food, good drinks, some decorations, games, and make sure the mom has a good time, the party will be a hit!

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