How to be a more fashionable gay man in 2019

The most important things to have in mind to not make a single fashion mistake in 2019.

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This article was published on January 21st, 2019

If you’re gay (and since you’re here you probably are), then it means that you are somewhat fashionable. But it is in our nature to always strive for more and to always find new ways to catch the eye of all those popular gay men that we desire so much. Not only that, but it’s also in our nature to be fashionable for ourselves, regardless of what others think or have to say. However, being fashionable and staying such in 2019 might be a bit more challenging, especially because it seems that everyone is following the same fashion trends and we cannot be that much different. So, what are the most important things that we need to have in mind in order not to make a single fashion mistake in 2019?

fashionable gay man in 2019

Embrace athleisure

Athleisure has definitely been one of the biggest trends for quite some time now, especially in 2018 (thank you gay millennials!) As the name suggests, it combines athletic and leisure attire, and even though this look was booked for straight guys who work out, it’s our job to take that away from them! Yes, athleisure is quite fashionable now, but it doesn’t mean buying any sports attire that you come across. You need to choose wisely what items you should buy, and more importantly, what brands. Once you have that sorted out, you can continue combining athletic attire with somewhat formal clothes thus creating a unique and very fashionable look for yourself. Blazer and sneakers, perhaps? Why not?! After all, you really don’t have to like sports in order to enjoy the comfy sporty clothes, right?

Minimalism featuring bold items

Contrary to popular belief and Elton John, being gay means that you need to embrace minimalism. Having a minimal wardrobe that consists of monochromatic pieces in pastel colors, black, white and grey is definitely a must. However, it’s 2019, and it’s time to spice it up a notch, and you will be able to do that if you include a bold and colorful/interesting piece into the combination. The best possible way to do this is to purchase a designer shirt or a T-shirt that’s quite unusual; it might be a bit pricy but it is definitely a small price to pay for the fashionable final outcome. Just combine it with your jeans and you’re good to go!

Know how to be dapper

Apart from having amazing pieces for our daily use, it’s also important to have attire for formal events such as weddings or red carpet events that we will go to because we know someone who knows someone. In order to look extra dapper on that hypothetical red carpet, though, you need to have a great suit. You should meet the expectations society has of you as a gay man and really find an impeccable one. This is why having a couple of tailored suits is a great thing – they are custom-made so that they look great only on you, and they are also very high-quality. Unless you want to look ridiculous and have a suit that’s double your size, get yourself a fitted suit.

Colors and patterns

Knowing which colors are fashionable and which are not is also something that you need to research. The Pantone Institute revealed that the color of 2019 is Living Coral, so choosing to rock it in the streets is the best possible way for you to be extra fashionable this year. Colors and patterns are there to make your outfit much more interesting, and even though you might be a minimalistic kind of guy, you can also add some pizazz to the combination by incorporating different colors and certain patterns. Keep your eyes open for neon colors as they will be huge this year, not only for pants and tops but for sexy underwear as well!

If you’re into fashion to a certain extent, then becoming more fashionable this year will not be a difficult task. Just follow the simple tips fashion gurus give you and wear everything with pride. That is the most important tip!

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      Hi Stacey, sorry to hear you are having difficulties within your local area with bullying.

      Without knowing which community you are in, it’s difficult to give exact recommendations; however, if you are being threatened, you should file a report with local police. It sounds like you could be having issues within your own residential complex; in that case, I would suggest you report it to the building manager, strata, or supervisor.

      Typically, advocacy groups and LGBT organizations do not get involved unless there is a specific case issue related to endangerment, abuse, or extenuating circumstances. I would encourage you to do a Google search for LGBT organizations in your area to see what support programs they offer your community.

      Also, you could reach out to your fellow friends and allies of your local LGBT community to discuss resolutions to the issues you’ve faced. They can also help come up with actions and recommendations to help you resolve your issues.

      Good luck!

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