7 great ways to achieve weight loss on vacation

Here are 7 great ways to achieve weight loss while traveling.

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This article was published on January 26th, 2019

It’s not easy being on top of your weight loss game, especially when you’re traveling. But if you can stick to these easy steps, you’ll have a grand vacation and come back lighter than when you started. Here are 7 great ways to achieve weight loss while traveling.

1. Don’t skip the veggies. Fiber isn’t just for bottoms: You need your greens to guarantee your metabolism and digestive system are operating at their best. Vegetables are essentialables to eating healthy and staying lean while on holiday. You’ll feel fuller, will have more energy, and will be consuming healthier foods needed to help you lose weight

2. Stay hydrated. Proper water consumption is important to losing weight when traveling. Drinking plenty of water helps keep you feeling full while providing fuel your metabolism and digestive system need to process food quicker and more efficiently, burning more calories on the way. Good, solid, efficient H20 consumption is your best friend on the field of the weight loss battle. 

3. Cut out the (unnecessarily) carbs, sugar, and sweets. What? No baguettes or crepes in Paris? No gelato in Italy? No papas fritas? If you want to lose weight during your voyage, you can’t be depending solely on carbohydrates for your energy consumption. Sugars and breads provide you with temporary energy boosts that can leave your body crashing later: hungry for more food. 

4. Go go go! Seeing the world means getting out there and living in the moment of exploring foreign and new surroundings. No sitting in your hotel room slothing. Get out there and do some walking. You’ll burn hundreds of calories by simply exploring around town. The best way to see a new place is on foot, and you’ll keep the pounds off by simply taking in a new city. Wanna know why most Europeans are so skinny? They walk everywhere. Forget the Ubers and trains and try your feet for a change. 

5. Try and stay on a regular eating course. Skipping eating can lead to poor meal choices down the road out of hunger and desperation. Your body is like a machine, needing fuel to burn and looking for energy from the foods you consume. You’ll lose weight while traveling faster if you stick to eating proper meals on a decent schedule. 

6. You wanna martini? Look hot in a bikini? You’ve got to work out, bitch. Don’t let your holidays get in the way of your weight loss and fitness goals. Make a point of fitting in fitness time. People have a tendency to abandon their workout while away on vacation, and this should not be you, if you’re wanting to lose weight and keep it off. You can still let loose and enjoy yourself, but be sure to include exercise. 

7. Share and share alike. A great trip is one filled with extraordinary adventures and people, new and old. A great way to lose weight while on gaycation is by sharing your food and drink with others. This will minimize your food and calorie intake and might make you a new friend or two along the way. You’ll lose weight quicker while traveling if you end up diving large sums of what you consume with someone other than yourself. Sharing is caring: for yourself, too. 

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