Is the fashion world holding you back in 2019?

This is how you will achieve your own fashion style in 2019 in the best possible manner.

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This article was published on February 5th, 2019

Is the fashion world holding you back in 2019?

Is the fashion world holding you back from reaching your true potential? Are the new trends totally different from what you want to wear? As people, we can get a bit too judgmental, especially when fashion is concerned. That is why we have so many Fashion Police articles and TV shows, and it seems that we’re constantly placing many celebrities (and regular people as well) on the guillotine only because they are dressing in something completely different or something that’s passé. But should you actually pay attention to what people are saying? Definitely not, as you are supposed to have a fashion style of your own, and this is how you will achieve that in the best possible manner.

Set your own trends

Is there anything better than simply ignoring all the fashion trends and setting one for yourself? Rocking an outfit that you haven’t seen anywhere else is not a bad thing – on the contrary, it’s something that’s rather bold and unique, and totally recommended. After all, you are wearing whatever you want and like, and whatever you feel most comfortable in. It’s always good to influence the style of the people around you, and perhaps you are about to do just that. So don’t be afraid to be who you are and set your own trend, who knows? Maybe it will catch on. In order to do this properly, think for yourself – don’t look at what designers and fashion magazines tell you is trendy. You can, of course, browse through them for inspiration, but the final outcome should be just yours.

Ignore the rules

If you really want to take certain fashion risks and be able to wear what you please, you need to throw out all the fashion rules. Do you think Madonna and Lady Gaga actually paid attention to the rules and thought about what people would say? Definitely not, and they sure became the biggest fashionistas of their time. Not being able to combine different patterns, wear black and navy blue in the same outfit and wear black and browns is all silly – you can create a unique style and look of your own. The best way to do that is to incorporate high-quality denim jeans into the outfit – this item is so powerful that everything looks extremely fashionable while being worn with a good pair of jeans. However, there is one rule that you need to follow, and that is to wear whatever you want with pride. Knowing how to pull something off is definitely your biggest weapon.

You are the most important factor

Is there any difference in wearing unusual clothing on the runway and unusual clothing in the street? Even though all the clothes and combinations that are presented on the runway are perceived as the most important trend of that moment, nobody can say that these looks are better than the ones you would be rocking in the street. Remember that you are the most important factor, and you need to find a way to make it work for you. However, make sure to be weather appropriate – there’s nothing more unfashionable than wearing winter clothes in summer and, God forbid, the other way around!

Dress your age

The line between setting up your own trend and being fashionable and looking totally ridiculous is quite thin, but there is one thing that can help you tremendously. Namely, dressing your age is extremely important. This is not to say that people who are older than 30 cannot wear the same clothes as teenagers, but after all, you need to have a bit more sense of your age and dress accordingly. All the best looks were created by combining clothes for young people and sophisticated and formal clothing that adults could wear to work. How to make this possible? Before getting dressed for work or going out with your friends on a Sunday afternoon, ask yourself if you would be wearing those clothes in high school. If the answer is yes, then you should probably change the style a bit so that your outfit feels a bit more grown up.

Bold is OK

If gay culture taught us anything in the last thirty years, it is that wearing bold and unique clothing is always good. However, it also taught us that we should change our style from time to time, and to always try and find new things that will fascinate the world. So yes – always make a statement.

Never be afraid to show who you truly are. Never be afraid to set your own trends, and never let fashion hold you back.

Is the fashion world holding you back in 2019?

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