Alissah Brooks is trans-forming an industry on her rise to fame

Alissah Brooks transgender pop diva, dishing about music and the journey to stardom.

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This article was published on February 12th, 2019

Tired of pressing shuffle? Cycling the same 5 tracks on shuffle? Lack of harmony, and hooks in today’s music got you feeling down? Open iTunes! Type in Alissah Brooks! Let your soul become ravished by the beat, as the words caress your eardrums, let your feet transport you to the dance floor.  Alissah Brooks, which let’s just assume you don’t know anyone until you’re introduced them…okay?, is a transgender activist, recording artist, actress, & aspiring fashion designer based out of Atlanta, GA. 

Alissah Brooks is trans-forming an industry on her rise to fame

Alissah has been hard at work on the rise to stardom snatching moments on MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf, VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Atlantaas well as Tyler Perry’s hit movie Good Deeds. Let’s not forget landing a role in the upcoming movie, If I Should Die Before I Wake Directed by Eric Ayala, which has won IFC awards. Who doesn’t love having a friend with an amazing resume to inspire you?

Speaking of, Alissah doesn’t picture her friendship with Kat Graham of Vampire Diaries, as hanging out with a celebrity. Being with her friend at events is sometimes, the only moment they have to hang out. It was exciting to find out that Alissah, even got to present her best friend with an Award. Fashion shows, awards ceremonies, a friend that’s supportive is a great friend in deed. Alissah is a do it all type of girl on a mission, to fill the void of transgender and queer representation in the entertainment industry.  

Alissah Brooks is trans-forming an industry on her rise to fame

The possible reboot of an early YouTube series she starred in, The Heels, a self-produced variety/reality show, was mentioned briefly. Alissah confirmed we are in the time for a possible reboot, which is exciting because there is a need for more queer content. The Heelswill surely be embraced with many shows being YouTube breakouts. How exciting?!

Alissah Brooks is trans-forming an industry on her rise to fame

Brooks was a member of Secret Girls in 2015, which disbanded shortly after allowing Alissah to focus on her solo career and begin work with BSE. Ryan Snow, producer of BSE, is fueling Brooks as she puts in work to produce a full-length album. Exciting because more queer-friendly content, is what class?? Sickening! NO?  As a personal favorite, the single Dope $h!t (feat. J. Tyler) gives us the cunty, sexy, swaggerific catchiness that is enjoyed in a great club banger. Do you like it like that? Do you Like it like that? Caress your eardrums while, J. Tyler keeps it hot with his exceptional rap and flowing with the beat to accompany Alissah’s seductive yet in charge vibe. It’s worth the .99 cent download and twerking to for Instagram! You will really (hashtag) Feel Your Beat Boo, with this banger! Actually, don’t take the words that are written here as your deciding factor,

Check out all of Alissah’s tracks on iTunes and

Listen to the Podcast interview here.

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