Anal orgasm perfection with Aneros prostate massagers

Reach new depths to your orgasm with the latest collection of Aneros prostate massagers.

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This article was published on February 27th, 2019

The magical male G-spot is no longer just a myth. The prostate is a real thing, and it’s up there in your man cavern ready to be explored. Prostate massagers are key to discovering a new kind of orgasm, are a powerful erotic amplifier for every kind of sensual play and are a tool for promoting better health. Reach new depths to your orgasm with the latest collection of Aneros prostate massagers.

Aneros prostate massagers

Proper anal stimulation isn’t always easy, especially if you are alone and doing the self-pleasuring. Aneros prostate massagers and anal stimulators are an incredible sex tool to obtain a more thorough and fulfilling male g-spot induced orgasm. Aneros brings customers the finest prostate massagers on the market, and their product line-up continues to flourish with their newest collection. 

The Trident Series takes the best of the original Aneros collection and applies new design features including redesigned tabs for a better, more comfortable fit, arms that provide enhanced external stimulation, and an improved design for both internal movement and for ease of use. 

If you are curious about anal stimulation and just beginning to explore the magical wonders of anal play, the Eupho Tridentis the best toy to start out with. It has a slim body and special curves for precise control and movement. The smaller frame moves freely allowing for stronger, longer orgasms. Experience for the first time both internal and external pleasure at the same time, touching you in places that will have you in an euphoric state. 

Take your play to an entire new level with the new Helix Syn Trident.  This prostate massager has a smooth, velvety texture that provides the ultimate stimulation. The larger size feels incredible, yet comfortable, as it is inserted. The largest head provide a more concentrated level of stimulation, and the extended arms provide maximum external enjoyment. Use it for a few minutes, or leave it in for a while – either way, you will enjoy the feel of this g-spot stimulator as it gently rubs your prostate. 

Go for the anal stimulation gold medal with the Aneros ProgasmBlack Ice prostate massager. Designed for advanced users in mind, the Progasm line is designed with medical grade plastic. It’s patented wider girth and hands-free design make the Progasm easy to use while providing an increased level of stimulation. Fun to play with solo or with a partner, the Progasm can help train you to relax and work your way up to bigger toys or can remain as one of the best sexual aids in your arse-anal.

All three of the new Aneros male g-spot stimulators, the Eupho, Helix Syn, and Progasm Black Ice, are easy to clean.  Simply wash under warm water with soap and air dry. They are safe to use with your favorite water-based or silicone personal lubricants. These toys are a great investment and will provide years of enjoyment, no batteries required. 

Aneros prostate massagers

Aneros toys are a great way to bring a sexy, new shaking up to your bedroom activities—solo or with a partner. Aneros prostate massagers feel great, helps you reach deeper levels of pleasure, help you achieve better orgasms, and are a great sexual aid for those with prostate of ED issues.

No matter your preference, Aneros has an entire line up of prostate massagers for you to check out, and ones that answer to every sexual level and need. Grab the Helix Syn Trident, the Eupho Trident or the Progasm to add to your toy chest and to take your orgasms to the next sexual stratosphere. 

Get your Aneros g-male spot prostate massagers today.

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