NUDE’s new ready-to-drink gin cocktail

Nude has a brand-new Gin Soda Lemon ready-made cocktail for the gay on the go!

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This article was published on March 9th, 2019

What time is it? It’s GIN O’CLOCK! And now thanks to Nude and their sexy adult beverages, you can enjoy a gorgeous gin cocktail wherever you go! It can be “gin time” anytime with Nude’s new convenient Gin Soda, single serve, ready to drink cocktail in a can! British Columbia’s own Nude, announces the launch of their newest product: Nude Gin Soda Lemon, and we cannot get enough of it!

NUDE’s new ready-to-drink gin cocktail

It isn’t always practical to lug around big bottles of alcohol when heading to the beach, camping, or to a friend’s house. Pre-mixed drinks: now there’s a game changer. It’s easy and practical to have pre-mixed drinks, and Nude is knocking out all the competition by offering up a new gin soda cocktail in a can! You don’t have to show up with an entire bottle of liquor, mixer, and fruit. You don’t have to worry about packing a full bottle of liquor over to a friend’s house and leaving it there never to be seen again. 

After receiving hundreds of requests for a gin soda, Nude followed suit with their gin soda lemon cocktail to go. Nude Gin Soda Lemon is made with 5% premium Canadian-made spirits, sparkling water and all-natural flavours. Its sweetener/sugar-free formula is also gluten-free, contains only 100 calories, and has 0 whopping carbs per 355ml can. Made with 5% gin, the Gin Soda Lemon is delicious, refreshing, and ready to take with you anywhere.

The new Nude Gin Soda Lemon is a gay man’s dream diet alcoholic drink: with less calories than other adult beverages, you can abide responsibly without packing on the unnecessary calories, sugars and fats. It’s the health conscious kween’s drink. Just throw some Nude Gin Soda Lemon in your cooler with a bunch of ice, and you are ready to help make any party turnt.

Nude launched in July 2017, and it has quickly become a staple alcoholic product and one of the top sellers in British Columbia, thanks to more than 400,000 x 24-cases sold over the past 12 months. Now available in British Columbia, Alberta, and some provincial stores, Nude Gin Soda Lemon is available now at all BC Liquor Stores and select private stores. 

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