Essential tools for your home bar

No home bar is complete without these essential tools.

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This article was published on March 23rd, 2019

Part of growing up and being a man is having adult items in your home. Everyone needs a home bar. There are specific items to include to get you set to make beautiful, perfect cocktails and take your mixology from basic to true home entertaining. These are the essential tools every gay man and woman should have as the foundation of a good home bar.

wine key

Wine key. This instrument is probably the most vital item for you to keep behind your home bar. A good wine key will have a small blade at the other end, so this tool can be used for opening wine, popping open bottled beer, small cutting jobs, and the knife end can even double as a flat head screw driver!

Cocktail shaker and strainer

Cocktail shaker and strainer. Shaken or stirred, for martinis or margaritas, the cocktail shaker with a strainer is an essential item in your repertoire. You can blend, shake, stir, and mix cocktails faster and easier with this bad boy. 

Cutting board

Cutting board. Adult beverages require garnishes with fruits, vegetables, and other assorted foods that often need to be sliced, diced, and chopped. A cutting board provides a great, stationary platform to work on. Use a cutting board for slicing and dicing or simply keeping a flat level workspace.  A cutting board will also help absorb the juices and liquids from fruits and vegetables that can be damaging to tables and countertops.

Paring knife

Paring knife. You’re never going to be able to cut anything on that gorgeous new cutting board without a proper knife. A good, sharp paring knife will allow you to cut up fruit, make lemon and orange twists, and separate any food you plan on adding to cocktails. A zester is another good option for preparing small twists from fruit peels. 


Muddler.Some cocktails, like the mojito, require muddling the different items at the bottom of the glass. Typically made of wood, plastic, or rubber, use a muffler to mash out flavors in items like herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

Bar spoon

Bar spoon. Essential for stirring drinks, a bar spoon is a long, extended spoon meant for mixing cocktails to their fullest delicious extent. Many recipes require tablespoon and teaspoon amounts, and with a bar spoon, you’re set. 


Jigger. While a shot glass will suffice for shooters, a jigger is required for mixology. You’ll be able to measure out your cocktails with accuracy thanks to this two-sided, hour glass-shaped bar liquid measuring tool.

Citrus Press

Citrus Press. A citrus press can take all the struggle out of juicing fruit by hand. You’ll be able to get fresh squeezed lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit juice much quicker with a citrus press than by doing it by hand. 

With these basic barware tools, along with the proper glassware, you’ll be well on your way to having the ultimate home bar to mix cocktails and serve them up, just like you would get at your favorite bar or restaurant.

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