Tinggly is the gay gift giving wave of the future

Gift giving has never been easier with Tinggly and their new collection of amazing experiences.

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This article was published on March 25th, 2019

Everyone loves a good deal, especially if you’re the thrifty queen that sits at home coupon cutting to save a buck or two. It’s all about being smart with your money. When it comes to gift giving, it’s difficult to know what to get someone while not breaking your bank doing it. Tinggly is the newest and most innovative gift you can give, and it is filled with experiences the recipient can choose themselves! 

Tinggly is a fun new company and app that offers customers the opportunity to purchase gift collections made up of experiences and opportunities from all over the world. Whether you’re giving a special gift someone you love without spending an arm and a leg, or looking for something unique and different for yourself, Tinggly is the greatest way to take the indecisiveness out of the equation.

Giving material goods as a gift is tough. Gifts often get re-gifted, exchanged, or returned. While the thought is nice, unless you give the exact gift, down to make, style, model, colour, and size, there is almost always a problem. Generic gift cards are impersonal and felt by the recipient to be unthoughtful. Stop being the guy that gives the worst gifts and get into the game of giving the best gifts ever! Gift the gift of life-defining experiences – a present that is almost impossible to buy. 

Offering experiences like Game of Thrones tours throughout Croatia, island hopping in Thailand, or even a whale watching holiday in Iceland, Tinggly has 26 different collections, with each holding hundreds of experiences all over the planet. The recipient is the one who makes the final decision as to which experience to choose. You’ll never go wrong at gift giving again with Tinggly’s exciting offers. 

Tinggly is a global gift and sells only gift collections, not specific experiences. All you have to do is go on line and check out Tinggly’s 26 collections to choose from. There is even a handy Tinggly’s experience locator map listing all the cool collection experiences.  

What makes giving Tinggly even more thoughtful is that they will personalize every gift issued. With each gift, Tinggly provides a special personalized note with every voucher sent out for free. Available for purchase online, Tinggly can be ordered as a physical gift box or an e-voucher. Take the stress and overspending and throw it out the window next time you need to shop for a gift. 

Tinggly is the gift giving wave of the future

Brand new for Tinggly: the original Rainbow Wedding gift box! Yes, Tinggly is a fan of the homos and wanted to offer a more inclusive gift experience for queer people. You choose your destination from places in more than 100 countries, and from over 450 experiences designed for two people. These are gifts specifically tailored for LGBT couples. Tinggly also confirms that all experiences are located in LGBT-friendly destinations/countries. Wedding season is fast approaching, so get this fabulous present for the gay couple in your life!

Gift the most magical present you can give to anyone—the gift of experiences. This token of your love and appreciation will be one your recipient will remember for years, from the photographs and selfies, to the memories that will last a lifetime. It’s about the journey. The adventure. Crossing off another bucket list item. And the stories from these experiences that will be told over and over. 

For all the gay weddings you’re going to this spring and summer, HomoCulture highly recommends giving Tinggly’s FABULOUS new Rainbow wedding experiences

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