Mystique Summers is the original meme queen bitch from Chicago

Mystique Summers RPDRS2 contestant, dishing about drag race and the life after.

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This article was published on April 11th, 2019

The original “Bitch, I’m from Chicago…” left viewers on the edge of their seats during RuPaul’s Drag Race Untucked as Mystique Summers and fellow Season 2 contestant, Morgan McMichael’s exchanged words in a heated moment. While waiting for the judges to deliberate, RPDR’s second plus sized queen started saying “Two Piece and a Biscuit” during her casting tape for RPDR. She only auditioned for the show because she was too old for MTV’s, The Real World.  Mystique is also known for her splits, the second queen to do them on RPDR, had expected to receive a NewNowNext Award. 

Mystique Summers is the original meme queen bitch from Chicago

Mystique let RPDRS2 viewers know her stomach was not a point of weakness as she indulged the mini-challenge consisting of eating a basket of mysterious (alligator, rabbit, and cow brains), fried foods effortlessly. Snatching the mini challenge win, Mystique became a team captain for the main challenge. Team Mystique and Team Morgan would vie for the best fried food commercial. Mystique left the show on the 3rd episode of season 2, after finding her way in the bottom two of this episode lip synching against Raven. We learned to enjoy the beauty of a plus size meme worthy queen from our first Bitch, from Chicago.

Mystique Summers is the original meme queen bitch from Chicago

Since being on RPDR, Mystique has overcome heartbreak, met weight-loss goals, grown as a beauty consultant and is still waiting to get her hands on the NewNowNext award for her splits, but it’s probably at the World of Wonder office, Mystique Declared.! 

Mystique firmly believes there are too many OG queens that are underrated. The discussion got a little heavier as we touched on Drag, now vs. then. Mystique seemed to not be happy with Walmart drag. Walmart drag is looked at as a lazy type of replica or off the rack drag, that keeps queens boxed into one overall basic aesthetic that doesn’t praise differentiation between queens. Summers was less than enthused with the reliance of gimmicks, instead of talent, for a lot of the newer girls on RPDR.

Mystique Summers is the original meme queen bitch from Chicago

Mystique noted that since being on RPDR, it has been hard to see other queens (cast mates, local queens) become underrated. Stating many fellow entertainers only book their friends and never explore other queens in variation to their normal flock. Mystique Summers, originally from Cinncinati, OH, now residing in Texas, gave us some meme worthy moments and opened the doors to many to journey down a path. 

Mystique chuckled at being called the original meme queen, while retorting back “the reason why all these hoes getting 100,000.00 and shit!” Mystique would love to return to Drag Race, with her catch phrases that’s she’s not getting a check for. Mystique exclaims “they’re just going to make their own version.”  

Mystique Summers is the original meme queen bitch from Chicago

Mystique’s tone let us know she’s definitely not happy with the showing creating their own version of her. Mystique has definitely reminded us that it is always best to stay true to yourself while evolving, as she declares the Queens of season 2 were back when reality tv and fights were a thing, not the telenovela romance we see currently. However, respect is due to any triple threat that can #FeelYourBeatBoo!

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