Cocktail garnishes are the fruit of life

Take your mixology to all new levels with mastering the art of garnishing your cocktails to perfection.

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This article was published on April 13th, 2019

Garnishes are the fruit of life. And what is life…without getting a little bit fruity? To have a bit of extravagance, this life is meant to be enjoyed while we’re here living it. Grab some fruit, poke that olive, place that edible flower on the rim, and take your cocktails to all new extra level of garnishment.

Cocktail garnishes are the fruit of life

Visual Appeal 
Garnishes are more than simply esthetics — add a lil’ bling bling to the drink to make it more exotic and appetizing. Yes, there is a visual element to garnishing adult beverages. Seeing a massive Hurricane with a fruit skewer and little parasols on top makes you want one too! Eye candy is one of the reasons for garnishing, sure. But there are plenty of other uses for garnishment, too. 

Spring Smash

Garnishes play a big role to bring scent from the cocktail into your nose. Edible flowers, lemons, limes, oranges, pineapple, mint, herbs, strawberries, cinnamon sticks, star anise, and more all add aromatic nods to your cocktails. These smells increase the enjoyment of your drink. Without these preliminary scents, you mightn’t have as full of an enjoyment experience with your adult beverage if these garnishes were absent.

Honey Pear Margarita

Squeeze it
In most cases, garnishes are usually meant to be incorporated into your drink as a part of the overall mixology of the cocktail. For example, a lime isn’t just supposed to sit on the side of your glass. You need to squeeze that lime juice into your cocktail. Some drinks are designed for you to instantly throw your garnish away after it has been used.

Mother May I cocktail

Eat it
Some cocktails garnishes are to be eaten as part of the overall enjoyment process of abidement. Think of Bloody Mary’s with their pepperoni, celery, and pickled beans…sometimes with celery stalks and other outlandish food items. Or the orange slice that rims a pint of Blue Moon beer. In both cases, these garnishes are meant for you to eat them. 

Model Cocktail

Dress it up
In other cases, garnishes are just simply, purely decorative. These garnishes are ornamental: plain and simply meant to increase the appearance of the drink you’re about to wolf down. These often include items like edible flowers or sprigs of rosemary. They bring about as much of fresh scents to your nose as they do add visual appeal. 

Lady in Blue

It’s time you start appreciating cocktail garnishes. They are a fun nod to an already fun experience: drinking. No matter if they are for appearance, flavor enhancement, nasal enhancement, or just making your cocktail all the more fun, there is nothing wrong with adding a little bit of garnishment to spice up your drink and life.

Cocktail garnishes are the fruit of life
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